So, you’ve decided you want more than a DJ or an Acoustic Duo at your wedding, and it’s time to consider a 3 piece wedding band in Melbourne…

We’ll have no fear good Sir or Madame, you’ve come to the right place. Let us initiate you into world of live music and 3-piece wedding bands today!

3 Piece Wedding Band

What is a 3-piece wedding band?


Essentially its three musicians coming together to form an awesome little band. There are a few different combinations of musicians you could have. In our Acoustic Trio, it will most likely comprise of one lead female singer (Lexi Ross) one male singer/ guitarist and one drum player. That’s a fairly common arrangement for an Acoustic Trio. You might be able to make some slight variations with the instruments, but we usually say to clients, let us do the musical arrangement, you just decide how big you want the band to be. As a general rule of thumb, the more players in the band, the bigger the sound.


What will they sound like?


The music is likely to sound more acoustic, compared to a fuller band. The reason for this is that in a large band, you’ll have extra musicians. Such as a singing Bass player taking the bass lines or a Saxophone which brings a jazzy quality to the music. In a 3-piece ensemble, you most likely won’t have these instruments. You just have the essentials, a singer, a drum player, and guitarist to play the melody. If you want all the bells and whistles, eg bass sounds, synth sounds, saxophone sounds, we recommend upgrading to a fuller band.


What will they play?- Wedding Band Melbourne


As a trio we can play most of the songs we would normally do as a 4- or 5-piece band. Check out our regularly updated song list, we have music from a variety of genres, rock, pop, jazz, soul, R&B, 90’s music. As a band we pride ourselves on being able to perform songs from many eras, so we absolutely have a song for everybody!



What type of event would suit a 3-piece band or an Acoustic Trio?


Private birthdays and functions, Corporate events, and weddings up to 80-90 guests. You could have a 3-piece wedding band at a larger wedding. However, if you want to hear all the bass notes; have multiple singers, a saxophone or other instruments, we recommend investing in a slightly bigger band.

Want to see more of our best wedding band Melbourne? Come to the Wedding & Bride Expo on January 17th 2021. We’ll be there for the day as a 5-piece band and look forward to showcasing for you. Ready to book your dream wedding band? Speak to Lexi on 0467375489 or email