Looking for the best 50th Birthday Band Melbourne? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 🙂

At Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, we have been getting booked for 50th Birthday parties a lot lately! Whether you are looking for the full band experience, or you simply want a Soloist for a bit of live entertainment. We have you covered.

50th Birthday Band Melbourne!
Lexi & the band Jan 2021 

50th Birthday Band Melbourne: What We Offer

On our website we have a range of live music options, something for everyone!



Live Band with Saxophone Melbourne


Our 5 Person Party Band comes with three singers, here’s what you’ll get:


  • Two Lead singers (Lexi Ross and a male lead singer/ guitarist
  • Our Singing Drummer
  • Bass Guitar player
  • Our world class Saxophone player!


Our 4 Person Party Band comes with all the above but take away the Saxophone player!


If you want a small live music set up, we do a pretty mean 3 Piece Acoustic Trio.

In this mini band, you’ll have Lead Singer Lexi Ross, our male Lead Singer/ Guitarist, AND our singing drummer. Just be aware that although a 3-person band is great, if you want to guarantee the full band sound, we recommend hiring at least our 4-person party band.


A 3-person band does the trick in most instances, however, the more musicians you have in a band, the greater the sound will be.


Acoustic Duos Melbourne


An Acoustic Duo is a great live music option for all occasions. It works particularly well at a 50th birthday. As a Melbourne Acoustic Duo, we play a range of genres. Rock and Pop music are our two most commonly requested styles of music! See our Song List here..



Acoustic Soloist


Hey if you’re on a modest budget, and you still want live music, an Acoustic Soloist is the way to go! A few of us at Ms Lexi & Celestial Band are pretty decent Soloists! Meaning we plan an instrument, sing, and use either a loop pedal or some type of a drumbeats. If this is what you want, chat to us today. You could have either Lexi as a Solo female keyboard player, singing, with beats. Or you could have Noah, or one of the other lads. They will sing, play acoustic guitar and do live looping! You can’t go wrong. See the video of Noah below to catch more of a vibe.


DJ Music


Yes, we can DJ at your event! If you want a DJ/ Acoustic Duo package we can certainly help. Similarly, if you want to have a live band at your 50th or other milestone birthday, and you want an hour of DJ music just to spice things up, we can do that too! We have state of the art DJ decks, and we love to incorporate DJ sets  in with our live music packages.



Do you travel?


The answer is yes! It sort of works like this in terms of travel fees.. To be completely blunt. Anything less than an hour is considered no travel. That’s right, your venue is 55 minutes from Melbourne? We don’t consider that travel. 1-2-hour drive means each musician in our band needs an extra $50, so that still not very much. Once the drive gets over 2.5 hour, say 2.5 hours or 3 hours’ drive from Melbourne, then we need to start talking about hotel rooms. The event is still very much doable for our local Melbourne band, but we just need to make sure that Lexi Ross and all the musicians are catered for overnight. To be honest, it’s not that safe having musicians finish a gig at 12am, pack up for half an hour, and then drive home until 3am. That’s why we would need at least a couple hotel rooms. One for girls and one for boys.

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50th Birthday Band Melbourne


If you’re looking for a 50th Birthday Band Melbourne, and some of these live music options have tickled your fancy, talk to us today! Our calendar is fast filling up for 2021, but check in to see if we’re still available on your date. Email Lexi at lexi@celestialband.net or call 0467375489 today!