3 tips you need to know before hiring Acoustic Duos Melbourne or a full live band..

Picture this; you’ve locked in the venue for your rescheduled wedding or special event and now its time to decide between hiring Acoustic Duos Melbourne or a full band!

We’ve broken down three factors you need to consider when deciding which live music option is going to be the best for your event.

Celestial Band - Lexi & Hayden - Livestream Showcase

The size of your event

If you have 50 guests or under, maybe an acoustic duo will more appropriate for your special day. Don’t get us wrong, a cute little 4 piece band, standing in the corner all socially distanced is pretty cool… But maybe you’re looking more for a more chilled, background style music. Perhaps two musicians seated up against a wall is plenty for your small cocktail style wedding or party. If you’ve got over 50 guests, up to 100 or more, full band entertainment may be more suitable. By hiring a band opposed to a duo, there will be more volume, more people, and a bigger performance for your guests to enjoy.

Style of music you want played

In an Acoustic Duo, the sound is, well, more … acoustic. A classic acoustic duo will involve one guitar and 1-2 voices on any given song. At times both singers may sing, but usually we would alternate the male and female singing lead vocals on any given song. There may or may not be guitar loops in the acoustic duo. In a four or five piece band, you generally have two lead vocalists (a male and a female). The lead vocalists often play another instrument like lead guitar or keyboard, and then you’ll have a bass player, and a drum player. In a five-piece band, you’ll have the above and then saxophone player in the mix as well. Without be biased, if you want your songs to sound more like they do on the radio, a four or five band will achieve that sound better then an acoustic duo. The more musicians there are in a band, the more full the sound is.

Your budget

The cost of hiring an acoustic duo should be roughly half the cost of hiring a 4 piece band. It is for our band anyways! Acoustic Duo means two people, while a four piece band involves.. umm four! If a duo is good enough for you at your special event, it’s good enough for us!

We are super excited to see some sweet little gigs have rolled in since restrictions have eased in Melbourne! We’ll be playing as an Acoustic Duos Melbourne at a number of Corporate Christmas parties and weddings in December this year. These include private events at Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club, as well as some iconic wedding venues such as Vogue Ballroom in Burwood East. We can’t wait!