For all you lovely people who are looking for the best Acoustic Singer Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve compiled a little list explaining the three Acoustic music options Ms Lexi & Celestial Band can provide for weddings and special events. HINT, these don’t involve hiring a full band… So, you might just save some money too. If you’re in the market for a full 4- or 5-piece party band, the gang certainly can provide this. Click here.

The three types of Acoustic Entertainment we’ll be discussing today are our Acoustic Trio, Acoustic Duo and of course…. Acoustic Soloists !!!!


Acoustic Trio:


Mmmmmm yes, an Acoustic Trio is the happy place between an Acoustic Duo and a full four-person live band! The above video shows Lexi Ross performing with Noah our Lead guitarist/ Singer, accompanied by one of our Singing Drummers Chris!


An Acoustic Trio is a very very cool idea. If you’ve decided on a somewhat downsized event, or you’ve got less then 100 people coming, an Acoustic Trio will be awesome. As an Acoustic Trio, we can do nearly all the songs on our band song list. The only thing to be aware of is that it will be more of an Acoustic vibe. While we usually do get guests dancing, we won’t be playing full on drum and bass ‘dance’ music as such. If you want absolutely cranking dance music, you might be better off hiring us as a 4-piece band. Or even having our DJ + Live Music package that includes one hour of DJ music on the night of your special event.


Hiring an Acoustic Trio means three of us will come to your Melbourne wedding or special event! You’ll have Lexi Ross as your Lead female singer, Noah our Lead Guitarist/ Singer and one of our singing drummers!


Acoustic Duo:


An Acoustic Duo is the classic way we can provide awesome live music at your wedding or special event! An Acoustic Duo from Celestial Band is made up of Lexi Ross as your female singer, and one of our male Acoustic guitarist/ singers. We play a collection of chilled and up-tempo songs using loop pedals, two voices and a guitar. In terms of price, as of February 2021, our Acoustic Duo can be hired from $890 for the most casual of events. To approximately $1100 from a wedding. Enquire today, to get a quote for your specific event.



Acoustic Soloists Melbourne:


If you’re having an intimate wedding, or just need a little bit of live music, then an Acoustic Soloist in Melbourne may be just your vibe! What does an Acoustic Soloist do? Well, they’ll usually perform around four sets during a wedding Reception, each set being approximately 45 minutes long. A soloist is great idea if you simply require background music. Don’t get us wrong, often a soloist can get guests up and dancing, however usually they’re there to create ambient music.


If you’re hiring an Acoustic Soloist through Celestial Band, you have a couple of options. You can have piano player Lexi Ross, singing, playing keys and using beats. Or you can hire one of our male Celestial Band musicians. They will play Acoustic guitar, use loop pedals and sing live! The price for this option is around $500 for a simple function soloist, to around $700 or higher for an Acoustic wedding soloist. If you need extras like MCing, DJ music, or Dry Ice, just let us know! We now offer all these extras with our live music packages!



We hope this blog helps you find the best Acoustic Singer Melbourne package for you! Whether you are looking for a singer like Lexi Ross as a Soloist, in an Acoustic Duo or Trio we have a live music option to help you decide! To see more of our recent band videos, be sure to check out out YouTube page here. With many of our dates booked out across 2021 and 2022, enquire today to see if we’re available on your date! For more information email or call 0467375489!