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Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is fast becoming Melbourne’s most cherished and sought-after wedding and function band! As traditional cover band, we play a collection of old school and new school hits from a range of genres! Everything from rock, to pop, country, soul, R&B, 90’s music and jazz!

As we grow at a fast pace, we’ve really tightened up our processes, and now have a pretty ruthless Band Member Agreement, that all of our tight knit group abides by. All of our regular players are pretty reliable, but every now and then something odd might happen which could upset the apple cart. To minimise disruptions to the service we provide, we’ve created the below guidelines, to keep the whole band on the same page. Below is our Band Member agreement, happy reading!


Acoustic Wedding Bands Melbourne


Band Member Agreement.


Howdy music partners if you’ve received this Band Member Agreement it’s because you’re an A1 musician, and I can’t wait to work with you on the next gig! The following guidelines are an effort to make sure that everyone is on the same page.



  1. Be on time:


It goes without saying, plan your journey, allow extra time to get to your destination.


  1. Presentation:


Make an effort with your presentation, as you’ll be mostly dressing for a wedding or other function.



  1. Know the material we’re playing:


All music material is to be learnt to a professional standard. In this band, we plan our songs before gigs and rehearsals. That includes supplying the song, the artist whose version you want to cover, and the key ahead of time. Please be prepared and practice the material to a professional standard.


  1. Arrive with the right equipment:


All musicians are expected to bring a personal speaker, appropriate leads, and a working microphone if you’re doing any singing at the gig. Please don’t assume that gear will be provided for you, always come prepared.



  1. Social media:


  1. Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is a highly sought-after Melbourne wedding and function band. There will be photos and video captured at these events, that will be used to further promote the growth of this If you don’t want to be in the photos, please decline the gig. It’s expected that you’ll happily jump in when photos are being taken.


  1. Band members are welcome to post photos and videos to social media sites, only if you appropriately tag the business Ms Lexi & Celestial Band.


  1. It’s not acceptable to merely tag myself (Lexi Ross) and keep it mysterious about which band’s gig you were on. The only acceptable sites and tags are as follows:


Facebook: Ms Lexi & Celestial Band

Instagram: @celestialband_

YouTube: Ms Lexi & Celestial Band


  1. Band members are not to gather content for any personal or business website, outside of the three social media channels mentioned above.


  1. A one strike policy will apply to any breaches of this social media policy. If you do the wrong thing, you will not be invited to any further gigs with this band.


  • Self-Promotion:


  1. Any new live music opportunities that arise from a Celestial Band gig are to be referred back to the band leader, Lexi Ross.
  2. Band members are not to in any way, refer another band or their own band organisation. As this would be a complete lack of integrity and a breach of trust and good faith.
  3. If anyone is found making referrals, handing out a business cards, adding a potential client on social media, or diverting business you will be excluded from any further Celestial Band gigs.



  • Toxic Gossip on Gigs:


As tempting as it might be, please refrain from slamming other musicians and bands in the industry. Yes, we can hear about some crazy experience you had on X,Y,Z’s gig. But before you speak, ask yourself “Is it kind, is it true, is it necessary?” There’s another saying “If they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you!” Let’s make these gigs a safe place for everyone.



  • Intoxication:


No band member is to be intoxicated at a gig.


  • Payments:


You are to send an invoice with your bank details to lexi@celestialband.net after the gig. Unless you’re paid in cash on the night.


  • Superannuation:


It’s your responsibility to pay yourselves superannuation.


  • Must Know Tunes:


Please have the following list down pat before coming to a Celestial Band rehearsal or gig.


April Sun in Cuba – Dragon

Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

Eagle Rock – Daddy Cool

Lonely Boy – The Black Keys

Mr Brightside – The Killers

Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars

Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams

Horses- Daryl Braithwaite


  • Attitude:


Come with a good attitude and service mindset and you will go far.


  • Interactions with general public:


  1. You’re not to yell or disrespect any member of the general public whist on a Celestial Band gig. This includes yelling back to drunk patrons in a venue.



Thanks for reading the above band member guidelines. We only choose musicians and singers who are awesome to work with for this band. Although, a few strange scenarios have popped up in the past. Thanks for reading and abiding by these guidelines, can’t wait to work with you on the next gig!


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Brutal or entirely reasonable, hope this has made for an interesting read! If you’re after the best Acoustic Wedding Bands Melbourne get in contact with us today! We are booked out across many dates in 2021 and 2022. We love nothing more than bringing to life the live music for your wedding or special event! Have a look at our extensive Song List and see if there’s any goodies you like on there! To book one of our dates, email lexi@celestialband.net or call 0467375489 if you can’t wait to book!