Looking for the best Acoustic Wedding Singers Melbourne for your next event? You’ve come to the right place!   The event and live music industries in Melbourne are awesome! They’re glitzy, they can be glamorous, but there’s a downside to everything, right? Today we’ll be talking about some of the darker and less glamorous parts to being a Singer or musician in Melbourne’s beloved live music scene.
Acoustic Wedding Singers Melbourne
This acoustic musician looks a bit sad.. 🙁

Multi-instrumentalists go further in Melbourne


Firstly, let’s get into the mindset of a musician. To cut it as a known working musician these days, you basically have to be multitalented. Gone are the days where one could simply play the Bass Guitar and stick to the one instrument for all gigs. No no no, these days instrumentalists are learning more instrumentals as they go along in their careers. It’s also highly desirable for them to be able to sing.


It’s not to say that a person can’t be hired for gigs with knowledge of only one instrument. It’s just that within a highly competitive industry, most bands (like most clients) want the biggest bang for their buck. Meaning, they want musicians to at least be able to sing backing vocals as well as play well. This is true in many popular bands, and it is definitely true at Ms Lexi & Celestial Band. Within our current band, all the instrumentalists also sing. Not only do they sing backing vocals, but they can sing lead vocals on a few songs too.So basically, the standards are pretty high in Melbourne.


COVID 19 put a dampener on our careers… Acoustic Wedding Singers Melbourne


Another reason musician sometimes get depressed is just the state of the world in the current pandemic climate. It’s not just musicians that have felt the effect of the COVID 19 pandemic. All Melbournians know exactly what it was like being locked down in 2020. While many industries were affected, the live music and entertainment industries were hit particularly hard. Many musicians were forced onto Centrelink or had to fall back into teaching or use other skills to make money. During these times we’ve also seen many musicians pivot in other careers. Only those who are truly passionate about performing and providing entertainment, have been able to withstand the drawn-out lack of economic stability.


Lots of hours spent on our own practicing- Best Wedding Singers Melbourne


One of the core ways that musicians can get depressed is by the sheer time spent being isolated on one’s own, practicing. Many people who were worked from home last year, would understand that if you sit alone at a desk for long enough, you can start to feel isolated. Well, it’s the same for the singer or musician who sits alone in a room, day after day. Image learning the technicalities in musical riffs for long periods of time. Spending a lot of time focusing on those activities can get quite lonely at times.


So why do we do it? Well, anyone crazy enough to dedicate their life to the music industry has a vision. We do it because we are passionate about the long-term prospect of entertaining audiences. We know how much fun it is to perform at our amazing couple’s weddings, and at our beautiful client’s special events!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our reasons why musicians get depressed! Everyone feels a bit sad sometimes in life, and that’s okay! Sometimes we all feel a bit isolated. Its important to remember, the hard times are always balanced out by the amazing times. That’s how we see it anyway.

Acoustic Wedding Singers Melbourne


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