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It’s important to know that the Band Hire Melbourne you choose, has enough technical gear to pull off an awesome live performance.

Since restrictions have lifted in Melbourne, we’ve had a wave of bookings for weddings, and functions for the end of this year, 2021 and 2022! Luckily during the COVID 19 lockdowns we practiced hard as a band and took a close look at the equipment we use at live gigs. We’re confident we have the right equipment for every performance large or small. Today we’re doing a little haul of the equipment we regularly use on our Band Hire Melbourne gigs! Read below to get an insight into the gear we use.

Behringer Eurolive B115s Speakers

These babies are your main two front of house speakers, that see you see set up by live function bands. We picked them up for a bargain of $500 for the pair at Store DJ in Melbourne. We got in on a sale, but normally they are priced around $400 each. These speakers help us deliver an epic band sound when we perform live. Aside from having some huge front of house speakers, you’ll often notice other smaller speaker monitors on the ground at gigs. This is because each singer or musician usually has a ‘fold back’ speaker at their feat, so they can hear themselves! Another option to using a ‘fold back’ speaker is for musicians use in-ear monitors…


Behringer P2 Powerplay & KZ ZS10 Pro in Ear Monitors

That’s right people, IN EAR MONITORS! Many career singers and musicians swear by them. The reasons for using them is 1) you can hear yourself better and 2) if the sound of the band is incredibly loud, you protect your hearing! The KZ ZS10 Pros are the actual earpiece and headphone part of the system. While the Behringer P2 Powerplay is the little box that sits on your hip or clothing and connects to the larger band mixer.


Behringer X AIRXR18 Channel Mixer

Wow, this is a high tech and expensive mixer. This digital mixer set us back nearly $900 but was worth every penny. In the world of live music mixers, you can either use a digital or analogue mixer. An analogue mixer is much larger and has a lot of buttons and dials to turn. The digital mixer is much more compact, essentially, it’s a black box. It’s a black box with lots of input and output holes in it that you can plug up to 18 lines in. The mixer is then operated via an app which we control from an iPad. This is why we got this mixer, so that once everything is plugged in, we can walk around to the front of house speakers and play with the sounds on the iPad and get the sound just right.

Another massive bonus of having this digital mixer is that it’s fairly light weight compared to some of those huge analogue mixers. Ain’t nobody wants to be carrying or setting up more equipment then is necessary! (See what we did there.. ‘Ain’t nobody’ ;)). Like we said, this monster takes 18 separate inputs. Technically that means you could have an 18-person band plug into this mixer. That’s a lot of singers and musicians!



We use a combination of traditional microphones and wireless mics. One is the Shure BETA58 and the wireless system is Shure BLX288PG58 M17 Wireless Handheld Microphone. This little handheld mic system cost around $750 just on its own, but was worth it. We need to have the handheld mic at gigs for singing the big songs, and also to give wedding clients to use during their speeches. Or we can lend it out, if a Friend MC needs it to MC your wedding reception.


We hope this gives you a run down of some of the technical equipment we use at our wedding and function band gigs. We could talk more about the instruments we use, but that’s for another blog. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of the nitty gritty nerdy info about our Band Hire Melbourne, and we can’t wait to perform for you live at your special event! Dates for 2021 are filling up incredibly fast, get in early to avoid disappointment. We can’t hold dates and once we are booked, We. Are. Booked! 0467375489

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