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Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is fast becoming Melbourne’s number 1 band of choice for Victorian and Melbourne weddings! Why? Well, it’s probably because we absolutely love what we do! Whether it’s a cheeky solo gig at a pub or bar, or it’s a full blown 5-person wedding band with our Saxophone player, it’s all good! We love it all!

Bands For Weddings Melbourne

For us, performing live is both our passion and our career path! Lexi Ross and the other band members have all done the ‘hard yards’ in terms of years spent practicing, learning music and taking lessons. As well as that, most of us have done busking, spent time teaching and played at plenty of gigs for not much money. We’ve pretty much had all the cray experiences most musicians go through to ‘make it’ in Melbourne’s music industry!


Bands For Weddings Melbourne- All Your Questions Answered!


What size bands can you offer?


At Celestial Band we have multiple band size options, the most common two being our 5-piece party band and our 4-piece band! Yes, we can expand out to a 6-person band if clients request it, however we find that vast majority of weddings and function clients opt for a 4- or 5-person band. Within our 5-person band you’ll have the following: Lexi Ross singing lead vocals, our male lead guitarist/ singer. A Bass guitar player, one of our singing drummers, and finally our world class Saxophonist Melbourne! The sound you get from our 5-piece band is just amazing, and you won’t be disappointed. We can play a very wide of music from a range of eras- the 1960’s through to today!


How much extra is it for a 5-piece band, as opposed to a 4-piece band Melbourne?


The price difference of having a 5-piece live band compared with hiring our 4-piece music band is around $500 to $550. We don’t pressure clients to have a 5-piece band, we don’t try to up-sell them! We’re in abundance over here… We do a range of live music arrangements, everything from Solo gigs, Acoustic Duo, Acoustic Trio and then our 4 and 5 person bands. Heck, we even do DJing for some client’s weddings! Enquire today and ask us for one or two hours of DJ music for your wedding reception! If clients are thinking of upgrading their band, we just let them know it’s an extra $500- $550 per musician depending on the location of your event! If you have the budget, bigger is better! A 5-piece band is going to bring more energy and more sound volume to your event. However, not all weddings and events require the manpower of that sized band. This is why we’re more than happy to come out as a 3-piece Acoustic Trio, or our classic 4 person band (led by Lexi Ross) to your important event.


Can you sing in Italian?- Bands That Can Sing In Italian


Plain and simply the answer is YES! We’ve been booked for quite a few Italian weddings in 2021 and we can’t wait! Some of the song requests are to learn “Hallelujah” and “Ave Maria” in Italian. No problems there at all. We already know those two songs really well, so finding the lyrics in Italian and singing them is no problem! From a singer and musician standpoint, it relatively easy to perform songs in other languages. The music is always going to be the same, only the lyrics will change!


Can you send us ALL your pricing?- Bands For Weddings Melbourne


We don’t have a Word Doc or a PDF with all of our pricing written down. There are some pages on our website that can give you an idea of pricing! But we really need to know where the event is and what type of event it is, before giving you an accurate quote. We also have a cheaper rate if you hire us as a casual Acoustic Duo for instance, as opposed to a formal wedding Acoustic Duo! For wedding package pricing head to the Weddings page on our website and scroll down. You’ll be able to get a good idea of the cost of some of our packages. For an exact quote, it’s always best to call or put through an enquiry. We have some amazing packages, but if you’re after something else, just let us know and we can tailor a quote. At Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, our prices are essentially ‘middle of the market’. We not aiming to be the most expensive luxury wedding band in Melbourne. We’re also not aiming to be the cheapest wedding band in Melbourne. We just want to deliver and amazing service to our clients, at a sensible, affordable price.


Whats the price of a band for 2 hours?


This is a tricky one because we don’t come out as a band and set up for 2 hours. We can do a little solo or Acoustic Duo gig for 2 hours. However, when we come out as a 4- or 5-person live band, we have to bring quite a bit of equipment with us. We do a full set up including lights, and that takes a bit of time. Also, all the musicians in the band need to get paid properly, and we don’t want to offer them half the pay of a regular gig on a Friday or Saturday night. They would be better off taking another job elsewhere and getting paid for a full event. So, for those reasons we don’t take band gigs for 2 hours. What we can do is come out for the duration of your event. Whether that is 4 hours, or 5 or 6 hours. We’ll come out and set up early, then we usually play 4 X 45 minute live sets across the event. For most of our clients, we offer a FREE DJ Concierge Service. This means we’ll play music from an iPad in-between our live sets, so that no one else at the event has to worry about turning music on and off! We also offer clients the option to have us DJ at your event!


Essentially Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is a traditional live band in Melbourne. Most of our package options revolve around live music, live singers and live musicians! However, due to popular demand, we now have the option to DJ for an hour or two at your event! By offering this to clients, we can give you the best of both worlds! A traditional live band, with a little bit of DJ music for the end of the night!


What styles of music do you play?


Our favourite styles that we’re rocking at the moment are Pop and Rock! However, our band is very flexible across genres. We love our country music, soul, R&B, jazz! Our Song list has a range of tunes on it, from many eras and styles! We are more than happy to take song requests too! Just looking at the type of stuff on our song list, it seems to be mostly Pop and Rock, so if you’re into any of that type of stuff, rest assured, we will do it really well!

Best Bands For Weddings Melbourne


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Frequently Asked Questions as the best Bands For Weddings Melbourne! Weddings are our jam! We love meeting new clients, learning about what you need for your special event, then bringing that band to life! Our small local band consists of just nine amazing singers and musicians in Melbourne. With so many amazing live events coming up in 2021 and 2022, we are so grateful for what we do! If you’re wanting to hire the best live music band in Melbourne, email Lexi today on If you can’t wait, and you just want to book your band NOW, call 0467375489!