As the Best Corporate Band Melbourne, we know what makes an awesome band!

In this blog, we’ll be doing a deep dive on the elements that make up an awesome Corporate Band. With this information, you’ll know exactly what to look for when you’re hunting for one.

Best Corporate Band Melbourne
So firstly, why would you hire a Corporate Band Melbourne? We usually get hired by professional organisations to play at their special events, whether it be a Gala Ball or a staff party. We also do the odd Christmas function here and there for well-known companies such as Captain Snooze. Our clients might even be a couple planning to get married, who are savvy enough to know that many Corporate Bands, also double as amazing wedding bands! Often the well-known songs that are played at corporate functions, can also played at a wedding! Generally, it’s similar famous songs that everyone knows, which make it onto the song list.


Talented Musicians

It goes without saying, if you plan on hiring a live band, whether it be an Acoustic Trio, 4-piece band or 5-piece band, you want to see talented performers. Not only should the musicians be able to play their instruments, but their timing should be on point. You want to see that the lead singer is a highly talented vocalist as well.


Professionally Run

In most Corporate Bands, there will be one or two people that do all the band admin, and behind-the-scenes coordination. That is certainly the case at Ms Lexi & Celestial Band. MBA Graduate Lexi Ross does all the organising, preparing and coordinating of the band, whilst also using her vocal talents as the lead singer. Having a dedicated band leader is what separates a group from being a ‘hobby’ band, compared to a professionally run organisation. Just like in the corporate world, the best organisations have structure, planning, and clear role definition.


Online Presence

In 2021 it’s no longer good enough just to have a great sound, it’s important to have an online presence as well. You can tell a lot about a business, by how well it maintains its website, and other social media channels. When you are checking out a band, be sure to go across to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, to see how often your prospective Corporate Band posts. Was their last gig in August 2018?… Oh oh…. Could be a red flag that they’re not the most active Melbourne music band.


Backed By Positive Reviews

Good reviews online count for something! Online reviews are a great way to assess how well a business serves its clientele. Are they a 4-star business, or 5 star? Sometimes you can check out a band’s worst reviews to see if there’s any red flags there.


Demonstrated History of Successful Performances

Have a look online for photo and video evidence of past Melbourne Corporate Band gigs. Look for videos that were taken at the gigs. Videos of the band playing, will give you an idea of their live performance ability.


Ask About Their Rehearsal Schedule

In this day and age, many freelance musicians don’t rehearse together. It may be a surprise to the average person, but a lot of bands simply have the musicians rock up on the day. Ask your prospect band leader, how often the full band gets together to rehearse. Most professional musicians should be practicing every day and rehearsing with the band in question regularly.


Agreeable Booking Terms

Always ask to see the Terms & Conditions! Especially nowadays during the pandemic. Make sure you are comfortable with the booking arrangement before ‘signing on the dotted line’ so to speak. At Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, we’ve greatly reduced our booking fee so that both our Corporate Clients and our wedding couples, feel comfortable with the agreement. We have flexible booking terms. If COVID restrictions prevent your event from going ahead, we’ll move the booking date for free. We also only take a small amount as a deposit, so that our clients feel more comfortable booking.

Best Corporate Band Melbourne

These are the elements that we’ve combined to become the Best Corporate Band Melbourne. With music from a range of genres including rock, pop, soul, R&B, and country music, we really do have a song for everyone! Our 4- and 5-piece party band are led by high energy Lead singer Lexi Ross. We’ll be sure to have all your guests up and dancing the night away! If you’re ready to book the Best Corporate Band Melbourne, call Lexi Ross on 0467375489. Alternatively, you can email for more information!