Our Favourite Photo Booths Melbourne

Whether you are planning a wedding or amazing Corporate Christmas party for the office, a Photo Booths Melbourne will take your event to the next level. Below we describe four of the newest options in photo booth technology.

These include the classy Mirror Photo Booth, the Pylon GIF Photo Booth, Photo Mosaic Wall and Event Photo Magnets! We’ve broken them up into two categories, photo booths which stand alone, and those that require a roaming photographer.

Stand Alone Photo Booths Melbourne

Mirror Photo Booth

Photo Booths Melbourne
The Mirror Photo Booth is a big category. Why? Because there are many different types of mirror photo booths you can choose from! You can hire this amazing booth in Rustic, Gold, Black or Timber colours! This means that you can choose the colour scheme depending on the colours you’ve chosen for your wedding or special event. With the Mirror photo booth, you are provided a wide variety of props, and can enjoy different custom layouts. Simply touch the mirror to start the photos being taken. After you’ve got your favourite pics, enjoy the SMS feature on the booth and get your photos sent straight to your phone!

Pylon GIF Photo Booth

Photo Booths Melbourne
This amazing piece of modern technology takes a number of photos in quick succession and then merges them to create an animated GIF of your posing guests! You can then email or SMS the images and GIF to yourself. Another great thing about the Pylon Photo Booth is that it is completely portable. This type of photo booth can operate as a stand-alone machine, or you can have a roaming photographer, so guests don’t have to line up. In the new COVID safe world, this could be a good way to ensure guests don’t have to gather too closely in any one spot at your event.

Roaming Photographer, Photo Booths Melbourne

Event Photo Magnets

Photo Booths Melbourne
This photo booth option is super cool. When you hire an Event Photo Magnet service, a roaming photographer will move around and take photos of guests, and print them instantly! These little magnets make an amazing memento for guests, to remind them of the event! This is arguably one of the best photo options, as guests get something tangible they can take home. Not only do guests receive their own magnets, but also all the digital photos can be sent to clients after the event.

Photo Mosaic Wall- Photo Booths Melbourne

Photo Mosaic Wall
If you’re looking for a more unique photo entertainment piece, consider the Photo Mosaic Wall. This option involves having a roving photographer moving around your event. They take photos and print them on the spot. The photos have a sticky back with a system to indicate exactly where your guest should place them on the mosaic board. A cutting edge technology algorithm is used to illuminate the overall picture. The end result is an amazing keepsake wall that looks amazing in a corporate office.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the latest technologies for Photo Booths Melbourne. These will go down perfectly at any wedding or Corporate Event! If you haven’t yet booked the live music for your next event, head to our Song List to see what styles of music Ms Lexi & Celestial Band can perform for you live!

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