We’ve worked hard to become the Best Wedding Band Melbourne. In this blog we explore five of the industry’s best kept dirty secrets. Read below to find out about the mischief that some bands get up to, and they think you’ll never find out..
Best Wedding Band Melbourne

Rotating Players


That’s right guys, rotating players. Popping players in together, that either don’t know each other, OR who have never played together. Basically, lumping in one good player, with three very average players. Or two good players with two very average players, and then hoping for the best on the day….

Our response to this:   We don’t rotate players at all. Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is made up of the same small team of six singers and musicians. From there we occasionally bring in extra players like an extra Saxophone. The only other time we would replace a player is if someone is sick. Aside from that, we play as a core crew over and over again. We rehearse together, to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Not learning fresh material


Mmmm what a ghastly offence! It is a sad truth that in the musician world, some professionals essentially stop learning new material once they reach a certain point. The tend to recycle the same 50 or so songs, over and over, and over again.. How boring.

Our response to this:   We are literally always learning new material. Today some of us learnt all the little riffs and parts in Billie Eilish’s song “Bad Guy”. What a cracker of a song, may not be ideal for weddings, but private parties and corporate gigs, yes please! We keep our set lists fresh by always having one ear to ground, noticing what cover songs are popular at the moment. We also take song requests and are often learning those. Doing these things keeps our Song List fresh as a daisy.


Not looking at songs until the last minute


A lot of musicians who have been around a while, won’t bother doing adequate prep before an important gig. They often fly by the seat of their pants, and don’t bother practicing songs much before the day. “Winging it” it pretty common in the wedding band industry.

Our response to this:   We don’t really ‘wing’ anything. We make sure our songs are polished to a professional level before every performance. We make sure all of our gear works and our set up is basically perfect before we get in the car and head to anyone’s wedding. We learn your song requests way wayyyy ahead of time. For instance, if a couple books 18 months out before the wedding, we might even be thinking of specific jazz standards to play 18 months before your wedding. We like to be prepared.


Not passionate about weddings/ have another full-time job.


Ahhh the full-time job scenario. It’s true, not all musicians are full time. Some are like ‘half time’, where they spend half their time doing gigs and another 3-4 days a week doing another job. Some do gigs, and then have a full full-time job as well. Some of them, particularly musicians who have been playing weddings for 10 years or more, are kind of tired.

Our response to this:   Just about everyone in Ms Lexi & Celestial Band are full time musician & singers. We like it that way. It means we can spend more time practising, doing full band rehearsals, and marketing ourselves. Our small team is extremely passionate about performing at weddings. We love corporate events too, but there is something extra special about performing at a wedding. We just love it!


Not washing their hands after going to the toilet- Wedding Music Band Melbourne


Okay we might have made this one up… but in a COVID safe world, this is a major concern. Be sure to wash your hands after you come out of the toilet people!!!

Our response to this: ……. Ummm wash our hands? Hehe..

Best Wedding Band Melbourne

In all seriousness though, most bands are okay. We just know that we’ve worked super hard to become the Best Wedding Band Melbourne. We take weddings seriously. If you would like to see us live in action come to the Melbourne Wedding and Bride Expo on January 17th. We’ll be there, performing as a 5-piece band. If expo’s are not your thing and you just want to secure your wedding band without the fuss, call Lexi on 0467375489 or email lexi@celestialband.net

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