​As of March 16th 2020, there are now 71 reported cases of coronavirus in Melbourne. Many large events expecting over 500 people have been cancelled, and for us at Celestial Band, we’ve experienced some of our local solo and duo pub gigs cancelled. This is due to the fact that trade has slowed in many of Melbourne’s bars, pubs and club scenes. However, so far it seems as though most wedding clients are still choosing to go ahead with their weddings!

Coronavirus and the Melbourne wedding industry- Should I cancel my wedding

There are a few reasons behind this, and we believe that every couple is absolutely entitled to choose whether they want to go ahead with their wedding plans. There is no right or wrong answer at this stage, and the decision ultimately rests with the couple. While you can cancel your big day at the last minute, lets face it, you’ve most likely spent an entire entry level salary on this wedding!

Celestial Band played at a wedding last weekend and the verdict was clear, the cases of COVID-19 are so far not stopping a lot of Melburnians going ahead with their wedding celebrations!

For the couples that are getting married in March or April in 2020, we’ve put together a list of things you can incorporate into your wedding, given the current public health matter of COVID-19 in Victoria:

  • Consider hygiene as the number one most important thing at your wedding.
  • Place hand sanitiser on each table.
  • Encourage any wedding guest who is sick to stay home, away from the wedding.
  • Consider setting up a video link for the Ceremony and Reception, where guests can participate in your big day without being there in person.
  • Discuss whether you can go without hugs and kisses as greetings at your wedding.


What about booking Victorian suppliers for the rest of 2020 and 2021? Firstly, not all trade has stopped in Victoria, many musicians and bands including us are continuing to work. Even you are not actively booking suppliers for your wedding at the moment, the next month could be the perfect time to do more research for your wedding. Check which bands, flower suppliers, celebrants and photographers you would be interested in hiring – see if they are available on your date and can deliver what you’re looking for!

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Coronavirus – Should I Cancel My Wedding?

posted Tuesday March 17th 2020