Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator Melbourne…!?

Trying to decide between hiring a Wedding Planner or a Day of Coordinator Melbourne? Read below to understand the difference between the two!

We get it, it’s been a bumpy road between the COVID 19 pandemic and now weddings being allowed to proceed again. Couples around Melbourne may be looking for that little bit of extra help, to assist them with getting through their long-awaited wedding day!


Day of Coordinator Melbourne

Sam De Silva from De Silva Lining Events

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner usually helps the couple with everything from finding the venue and Celebrant, to getting quotes from other wedding suppliers and can help the couple make choices between suppliers. The Wedding planner can help with budgeting, doing things behind the scenes and putting things together. Basically, a Wedding Planner is similar to a wedding PA.


Wedding Stylist

A Wedding Stylist does all the pretty things! They are sometimes (usually) a florist as well, but basically makes sure that it all looks good on the day. Think of it as like a personal stylist for your wedding day. A wedding stylist will get all the flowers and décor looking amazing, creating a pleasing aesthetic on your wedding day!


Day of Coordinator Melbourne

On the day coordination – basically this person is an additional bridesmaid. They make sure that everything runs to time, and everyone and everything is where it’s supposed to be. A Day of Coordinator basically manages the day. All planning and booking etc is done before hand, but they’re there to run the actual event. Many Day of Coordinators include a personal meeting with the couple, face to face if possible, before the day. This is to make sure that they as the coordinator, are on the same page as everyone. They should know who all your suppliers are and are there to run the day to your timeline. Many of these types of Coordinators also do some MCing at weddings. It’s up to you the client to decide what level of service you need!



Ah the wonderful price question… It is an important question indeed! What we can say is that a Day of Coordinator usually costs hundreds, while a Wedding Planner costs thousands. In terms of wedding styling services, we cant accurately guess a price for that. You would have to hit up a popular Wedding Hire/ Stylist service such as Weddings of Distinction and find out from them.

If this blog has tickled your fancy, hit up Sam De Silva from De Silva Lining Events for Wedding Panning or Day of Coordination. Sam has over 15 years’ experience in the wedding and events industry in Melbourne. She does everything from wine matching, to styling and is a wonderful wedding MC. Check her out! If you haven’t yet booked the live band for your fabulous wedding, find out if Ms Lexi & Celestial Band are available on your date. We offer a full day of live music on your wedding day. That’s right, Acoustic Duo for the Ceremony, a solo musician for your Canapés hour and a full 4- or 5-person live band for your reception! Let us take care of the entertainment for you. You won’t regret it.