So, you’re searching for a DJ and Band Melbourne, wanting a little bit of both options at your upcoming wedding?

No problem! Read on, because you are going to absolutely LOVE our newest package!

DJ and Band Melbourne



Okay guys don’t get too excited, but we just wanted to tell you a little bit about our new DJ Service that we offer with our live music band. So, first and foremost Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, is a group of live musicians and singers. We specialise in Acoustic Duo, Acoustic Trio, full 4- and 5-piece party bands. However, we have been giving many of our clients a FREE DJ Concierge service for a while now. Essentially what this means is we bring our DJ Deck, and do a spot of DJing in between our live sets at your wedding or corporate function. Essentially, we are a traditional band, with a spot of DJ entertainment at your beautiful Melbourne Wedding or special event!


NOW WAIT FOR IT… We’ve enhanced our reasonably priced wedding packages to offer you an additional DJ Service. Some couples have said they simple cant decided whether they want a live band or a DJ at their wedding. So now we have an amazing package that covers both of these options! We knew you would be excited about this one…!


Let us explain the difference. Imagine it’s your wedding reception. If you take the ‘Traditional Band’ approach, our band typically performs 4 X 45-minute sets across the night. Our last one or two sets would be our dance floor, up-tempo music! It’ll be beautiful, and it’s a very traditional option for live wedding music. Now with our new package, we’ve customised things, so you get something slightly different.




You still get our amazing 4- or 5-piece party band playing at the reception. That our live band with either four musicians, or five. Depending on whether you want our world class Saxophone player too! The band will set up as per usual and play you an amazing 3 X 45-minute live sets. We’ll have your guests up and dancing, as that is what we do best. Now comes the twist! For the final hour of the night, Lead singer Lexi Ross, will DJ using a professional DJ deck! At this point in time the band starts to dissolve, and DJ Lexi will play dance-floor hits. Straight from the DJ decks! Using the same front of house speakers from the band setup. Sound good? We think so! This is our newest package and is designed to give our wonderful wedding clients as much variety as you could possibly want. Let us take care of the DJ and Band Melbourne entertainment, on your big day. We’ll give you a little bit of everything at a very reasonable price. We know our clients are hardworking people who are also probably saving for a house or paying one off! So, we want to give you the best wedding package, at the best rate. While still maintaining the highest quality musicianship and vocal performance!

DJ and Band Melbourne


Enquire today about our DJ and Band Melbourne package! This includes an Acoustic Duo for your reception, FREE Canapés musician, 4-piece band for your Reception and one hour of DJ music at the end of the night! All this from $2500!

Call Lexi on 0467375489 or email for more information.