Looking for the best Female DJ Yarra Valley? Well nice person, stop on by and have a little read of this blog.. All about Symona and Barney’s amazing wedding this weekend!

Last night I had the privilege of DJing this couple’s super fun wedding in Narbethong, Melbourne! To be honest we’re not that far out of lockdown 6.0 in Melbourne and this is the third wedding I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of in the past three weeks!

Nothing wrong with having a little boogie from the DJ booth… Nov 2021


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Symona and Barney are a super laid back chilled couple and I pretty much had the address of the wedding and knew I’d be DJing. The rest of the details we were going to work out as we went along. I took my DDJ1000 SRT Pioneer gold DJ deck and made sure I had absolutely everything ready for this wedding. The speakers, a cute white DJ screen, dance floor lights, extra microphone, you name it. DJ screens are awesome because they hide all the chords and power thingys that can look a big ugly at a wedding. As a DJ, it’s not always essential to use a screen, you can also do a DJ table with a nice table cloth. Me personally, right at this time (Nov 2021) I’m a white DJ screen kind of gal… With the dance-floor lighting inside the booth. Then again, there’s a few different ways to skin a cat.


But I digress…


I was due to start DJing the Reception at 6pm, but I arrived in Narbethong at around 4- 4.30pm. Nothing wrong with a super early set up right!! I got out of my Jeep and what on earth, I heard this super loud SSSSSssssssssSSSSSSSSssssss sound. One of my tires was completely flat. But worse than flat, it was like, dead. So, I started doing the setup and some of the guests came over to chat about the tire. It turned out the Bride’s Father said he was going to get the chef to fix the tire for me! Happy days.


The night all went smoothly. I played background music from about 5.30pm until 8pm. They had some speeches, and did a nice cake cut. At this wedding I did a bit of MCing on the fly. No big show MC, just a bit of MCing from the DJ booth. Letting people know the main announcements.


By at least 8pm the dance-floor had kicked off. I had no musical brief for this wedding, so I just played a bit of everything. This included good old Aussie rock classics, pop, and a few other goodies I’ve hoarded in my music library. As a Female DJ Yarra Valley, sometimes it’s good try out a couple of different styles and see what works for the room. This crowd they loved their country, and what could be described as “old school wedding classics” Simples! I secretly love old school wedding classics. Give me a bit of John Farnham any day and I’m happy. Haha. Here’s a short list of some of the songs that went down quite well on the dance-floor:


Man, I Feel Like A Woman- Shania Twain

Mamma Mia- Abba

Dancing Queen- Abba

Shake It Off- Taylor Swift

Khe Sanh- Cold Chisel

YMCA- Village People

Love Shack- The B-52’s

Walk Like an Egyptian- Bangles


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When it comes to being a wedding DJ in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley, I can get into a few different vibes. It’s hard pin down my exact favourite musical styles. I can get into the classics and old school rock, but I can also get into super new pop, 00’s music. In fact, a lot of my music taste from the past 20 years is on the harder side. I like all the random super high tempo stuff that is perhaps a bit full on for a wedding. I also get into European beach club vibes and all that kind of laid back ‘Ibiza’ style music.


So I was DJing last night, dancing from the booth, taking lots of song requests, and at about 9pm something weird happened. A random VicRoads guy in a high vis vest turned up at the wedding! The Father of Bride had called him, how nice! So they went out and proceeded to try and change my tire. Unfortunately, the guy couldn’t unlock the space wheel on the back of the car. But he was able to patch up the wheel and inflate the tire, yay!!!! Fixed tire!!!! After all that I was able to drive home from Narbethong without getting stranded.


Female DJs- Sneaky hacks to make things more awesome…!


At the end of the night, we did a farewell circle for Symona and Barney. It was all nice. Everyone started to dissipate shortly after 11pm. Every wedding DJ does things slightly different. Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is a live music band and DJ service based in Melbourne. We’ve got considerable experience playing live at weddings. After years of experience, what I’ve often seen bands do at the end of the wedding is sharply stop at the exact time the wedding finishes. Basically, the lights go on, music stops and it’s a bit of a cold shock back to reality for everyone. I like to do things a little bit different as a Wedding DJ. The wedding finished at 11pm and I turned off the DJ deck, but I connected my laptop directly to one of the PA speakers. Then I put on some low-key house music, but had the volume turned down low. That was like my exit music for the guests. I think it’s nice to transition the night rather than sharply turning the lights on and music off. Then I packed up most of the equipment but just kept that one speaker on until everything else was packed up. It’s kind of like when you get a massage, and they do those abrupt karate chops at the end to wake you up. I tell them not to give me any karate chops because I like to stay in the happy vibe for a bit longer…. Yup exactly like that..


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If you are searching around for an amazing wedding band or Female DJ Yarra Valley, hit us up!!!  We are solidly booked for a lot of 2022 and 2023 now, yay! If you would like to see more of our live music band videos, head to our Youtube page. Weddings are our jam, we love them so much! Check if we’re available on your date by emailing lexi@celestialband.net or call 0467375489


Written by Lexi Ross 14th Nov 2021

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