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Today we’re revealing more gig bloopers! Let’s face it, lots of stuff can go wrong when you’re a DJ. I’ve been DJing and performing live at a lot of weddings and events lately. Safe to say every event in Nov/ Dec 2021 has been pulled off without clients realising anything odd is happening. But behind the scenes, there is quite a lot of things that can go wrong. The stakes are high when you’re completely responsible for the entertainment at someone’s wedding or corporate event. Things can also be extra stressful, when you’re the one person in charge of solving the problem, and you’re pretty much there on your own!

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Little pic from the beautiful wedding of Hayley & James in Nov 2021. So dreamy!


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I DJ’d a Corporate Christmas party the other week and this is what happened: I’d packed my car so that I had everything but the kitchen sink for this gig. I left a couple hours early, giving myself heaps of time to set up the DJ booth, with speakers ect. I recently upgraded all of my equipment, including laptop.. I’m now using the latest Macbook Pro. This MacBook Pro has been Ah-mazing with battery life so far. Like honestly, I recharge this baby once at home, and its lasts forever. It has been lasting me at least a whole gig, or longer.


So, I think to myself, no need to bring the charger right! Because this battery last forever. Wrong. I go to the gig and set everything up. I have a few programs running on my laptop. The internet is connected, Bluetooth is on. Everything is on Weeeeee! After an hour, I casually glance down at the battery percentage… 60% !!!! Nooooooo…. 3.5 hours of the gig to go! Disaster guys, total disaster. I start looking around, we’re in Lilydale, and everyone is sinking bevvies and not paying any attention to me at all. I look around and start wondering if these people might have the latest Macbook Pro charger lying around, by any chance. Unlikely. I could tell by the looks on their faces, that they probably all used desktop computers. In fact, they were probably 100% dead set PC users, not Mac.

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I was keeping my cool, total game face on. But inside I started to freak out. I was mentally doing the sums and I’d gone through 40% battery life in one hour. We had 3.5 hours to go. I start Googling ways to conserve battery life, they said turn the WIFI and Bluetooth off and turn the screen brightness down. So, I’m there, everything turned off with a dark screen trying to figure out my next move…


Here’s the thing about me. I believe there’s two different types of people in this life. There are those people that tell you their phone battery is about to die. Those risk takers that walk around on 10-20% battery life. Then there’s people like me, that don’t leave the house without a full charge. Us people usually have another phone charger in the car, ready for when that battery life drops below 70%.


Safe to say I freak out if I don’t have enough battery life. I mean, I’m the girl that also has a full jerry can of petrol currently chilling in her car in case of emergency…


So, we’re all there at this outside Corporate event. They’re all dancing and drinking. It’s about 30 degrees at night-time and we were about to get attacked by a plague of mosquitos, but more about that in a minute. So, I start asking a couple people if they had a MacBook charger. Sure enough, just like I thought, they’re PC users, no MacBook charger. I start sizing up my client. The girl that booked me to be their DJ. She’s dancing around, not paying attention, having a great time. Next thing she walks off on the phone and I’m there, kind of stalking her, and thinking about having a chat with her…. She’s on the phone totally distracted, so I got my phone out and was about to text her asking if she knows the whereabouts of any 2021 MacBook Pro chargers. Then I realised, better not. I’ll look like a complete dickhead that forgot to bring a laptop charger, if I do that.

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So then I resorted to plan C. I always bring my trusty iPad to DJ and live music gigs. Those PA systems that we set up with mixers, and DJ decks can be super complicated. So I bring my trusty emergency iPad just incase everything falls to the dogs. I can plug the iPad into a speaker as a last resort. I figured today was a good day to do that. I have around half of my DJ music library on that iPad, so I start playing this super cool progressive deep house music from the 2000’s from my trusty emergency iPad.


I snapped my laptop shut as it was now on 50% battery, and I needed to conserve some battery for when these people were on the dancefloor. No one at this party could tell I had deployed a backup plan, and I took the opportunity to strut around and sample some of the amazing event food.


So now I had the lack-of-battery-life situation under control, I start looking around inside the DJ booth and I see an usually large swam of insects. I had low-key noticed that giant mosquitos were biking my hands and legs while the MacBook battery saga was going on. Inside the DJ booth, it was all lit up like a Christmas tree. Lately I’ve been enjoying putting the dance floor lights inside the booth, I just feel like it looks nice like that. So I guess because it was all bright inside the booth, every insect in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne had decided to come and attach themselves onto the white material sides of the booth. I could feel mosquitos landing on my legs and biting me. My feet were itchy because I’d already been bitten inside of my sandals. I look over at my client and all her colleagues having an amazing night. Singing along to the songs that were been played on my trusty emergency iPad. Having the time of their lives, and completely oblivious to the low-key disasters that were occurring behind the façade of the DJ booth.


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I was looking at my client and wondering if she was the kind of person that would be carrying insect repellent. Stingos anyone!? I thought about my own Jeep and about how I have everything known to mankind stored in there- except insect repellent. I didn’t want to walk up to her and ask because she seemed to be having such a good time. I thought I’d just mind my own business and keep a low profile, solving my own problems… At this stage multiple mosquitos were biting my legs and leaving big welts. I was also clapping my hands together, trying to kill as many of them as possible. Then I remembered I had one or two baby wipes left in my car, from when I was doing my makeup earlier in the night. Maybe if I got the baby wipes and wiped down my legs, the mosquitos wouldn’t be able to smell me?



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It seemed like a fairly good idea, so I ran to my car and got the baby wipes. Next thing I’m standing in the DJ booth with wet legs, wiping them down every now and then. Convincing myself that mosquitos probably don’t like the taste of baby wipes, so they won’t bite me now. The plan was working fairly well, and I definitely noticed a decline in the number of bites I was receiving. Then suddenly I see my young client riding a bicycle straight through the event. She was loving it, steering the bike with one hand, and holding up a big blue can of insect repellent with the other. She was holding it like it was an Olympic torch. I was so happy. I get on the microphone from the DJ booth and yell out “I NEED SOME OF THAT!!!”. Everyone turns around and looks at me like I’m some drunk, crazy person that’s had one too many bevies. No people, I’m a sober alcoholic that hasn’t had a drink or any form of mood altering substance since 2016, actually. Just over here baby wiping my legs and using an emergency iPad in the DJ booth…. Nothing to see over here fellas….


Anyways, I got the insect repellent in my possession, and I was spraying it all over me like nobodies’ business. After the insect plague had somewhat died down, I figured it was time to switch back to using my laptop and DJ deck, and start being a real DJ again. So I switched back, I had WIFI and Bluetooth turned off and the battery life was now lasting pretty well. A sense of calm and peace washed over me as I realised the MacBook battery was now probably going to last for the remainder of the event. I mentally promised myself to never leave the house without that laptop charger again.


As a Female Wedding DJ Melbourne I played heaps of cool tunes that night. The people at this corporate Christmas party really liked House music. I was totally down with that. Lately I’ve refamiliarized myself with epic House beats from the last 20 years, among other genres, and I’m all about it. I also played some cool R&B and lots of top 40. I threw in a few older classic songs, and a bit of rock. I love playing House music and top 40 at these types of events. Save the classics for weddings hey?


So yea, that was basically all that happened. At most weddings and events, things run smoothly. But every now and then you do a gig where things go slightly pear shaped. All good, just another day in the life of a Female Wedding DJ Melbourne!



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Written by Lexi Ross on 21st Dec 2021.


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