Yay! You’re looking for a Fun Wedding Band Melbourne and you’ve come across our little blog talk about wedding food!!!

In this blog we discuss what type of food should you serve at your event? (Canapés, Food Trucks, Grazing Table or Sit down Meals…?)

Choosing the food catering service and the menu is a huge task for wedding and choosing what to serve is not a decision to be taken lightly. Couples give so much attention to other details such as decors, flowers, venue etc, choosing the right food is an equally important task!

Wedding Food Melbourne

Fun Food Ideas For Weddings In Melbourne!


In this day and age, everyone can get adventurous with food; however, somehow it depends on the styling and theme of the wedding.

Here are some Ideas what type of food to serve in weddings or in any occasions:

For Outdoor Events


  • Grazing Boards or Tables- some see them as passé but you see, why they are still great for everyone is that they encourage socialising. Good food added, sprinkled with comforting conversations.
  • Food carts and trucks – less formal but enjoyable with finger foods and other grubs that are so familiar but has dandy presentation from pieces of savory biscuits, chips, virgin cocktails, and to off licence drinks.
  • Food crates, stacks, food walls, monocycle or wheelbarrow (yes, we’ve seen this somewhere in Pinterest and it is garnering a huge following) – just make sure these are squeaky clean once presenting and serving foods such as doughnuts, bagels with various spreads, bottled spirits, teas and infusions, salads in paper bags and take away containers etc.
  • Hanging Canapés and goodies – smallish but stylish and easy to fill up any hungry guests.
  • Halved Bamboo, large leaves and or food on drift wood – promote sustainability and less clutter with these natural elements. As in the case of bamboo and large leaves one can serve their grilled “barbies” and these have added aroma and flavour for the food too.

Wedding Food Ideas – Fun Wedding Band Melbourne


For Indoor Events

  • High Tea –easy concoctions of tea, pastries and choice meat platters and cheese will delight everyone.
  • Charcuterie Board –play with shapes of such boards not the usual square or rectangular it could be circular with hors d’oeuvres, simple tapas or kebabs of choice like fruits and veggies, select seafood like shrimps, or meat.
  • Corkage not so much of Cash bars – one may ask the venue manager if there are options that serve artisanal drinks, or has prescribed drinks for guests and also those that are not costly and does not charge for drinks not consumed.
  • Vegan and Gluten Free Offerings- for both indoor and outdoor events take into consideration healthy options for guests as there is food stuff readied for their health requirements.
  • Stand up Cocktails – for guests that are limited this will do and not so huge venue.
  • Sit down Dinners or Luncheons –for appetizers, main courses and drinks especially for black tie events.


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No matter what we serve to our family and guests what is important is that we compassionately deliver it to them. We can remember what Julia Child purported, that “you don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.”

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Written on July 31st 2021 by Jenny Chang.