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In this blog we’ve made a list of our top recommendations of things NOT to do in the week before your wedding…

Things NOT to do in the week before your wedding

There’s a few things that can be held off in the week prior to your wedding. Just to prevent any kind of disaster from happening! It doesn’t make you old fashioned to follow this simple list.

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It may be a good idea to limit the booze or avoid frequenting the pub for a while, to save oneself from apologising for a drunken appearance during the wedding ceremony or the Reception. Given weddings are such a special time in a couple’s life, we might as well be in our best behaviour.

To minimise the trouble, here are things not to do in the week before the wedding:


  • Doing aesthetic procedures –Chemical peels, colouring or cutting one’s hair especially for the bride and last-minute tanning. All these take time, especially facials that employ chemicals as they seem to redden or scour dead skin. Some who do this for the first time may have adverse reactions too, so it’s better if it’s done a month or two before the wedding. If root touch ups are needed, stick to that to prevent doing anything you’ll regret later like having a new experimental fringe. The week before your wedding may not be the best time to trial a new spray tan either… Just saying!
  • Experiment with eye shadow and other face make up – Dark eye shadow with heavy eyeliner and red lipstick may not be that appealing for the Bride. Pay no attention to us if you’re going for that Kat Von D look. The Bride should naturally be radiant as possible, with her beautiful features highlighted.
  • Fitting of wedding garments at the last minute – When it comes to wedding dress sizes, most Bride’s need their dress to be customised or altered for them. Not all sizes fit the bride or flatter her figure so it may better to do it at least a few months before the wedding.
  • Digging up old issues or worrying too much about things that are not happening yet- Bringing up matters that have been the subject of controversy or jealousy. Or pressuring each other about future happenstances can put a couple on hot waters. Therefore, it could be better to hold off on any emotionally charged conversations until after the wedding, if you can!
  • Not introducing parents to one’s partner or his or her family prior to the wedding but doing it during the wedding week – It pays that both clans or families know each other already, because both become “one” as soon as those marriage papers are signed. It pays to introduce your future spouse to your parent’s months if not earlier, before the wedding.
  • Sending invites- If people receive an invite to a wedding the week before, they may believe they were only a last-minute invite. This would usually have been done in the months/ year before the wedding.
  • Deciding to include in the list those who were not really invited in the first place out of pressure – Stick to the list and be reminded that doing this will cost added expenses on food and other items. If you really feel the pressure to see them, you can always invite them to other occasions.
  • Booking vendors for entertainment, catering, decorating etc. – Its always best to include vendors in the wedding plans months prior so they can create the dream wedding you always wanted.

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Everything that is important takes time, and like weddings, these are not simply carved out of a tree trunk and then done. Weddings are built on love, and the more the time and effort that goes into it- the better it tends to turn out!
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Written on August 9th 2021 by Jenny Chang.