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Below we’ll be talking about what it actually means to ‘Lead’ a band. Celestial Band was established in 2017 by multitalented Lexi Ross and has since grown into Melbourne’s most highly sought-after Corporate function and wedding band! There is a number of things that make Celestial Band different, but we’ll get to that a little later..

Live Band Yarra Valley

Firstly, we wanted to touch on the factors that make up a good band. Just like the best professional organisations, a professional band requires structure, clear role definition and leadership.

Where many bands have failed in the past, is that they have no dedicated person solely responsible for ‘getting gigs’ or ‘coordinating gigs’. Likewise, many other bands fail in Melbourne because they simply operate as ‘band business’. Meaning they’re primarily interested in marketing and earning a commission. Once they have secured a booking, they will then proceed to fill the gig in with somewhat random freelance musicians. Then what tends to happen is all these musicians rock up on the day of gig, often with no prior communication or planning. Often in these organisations, the musicians can read each other’s general song list, but they have no clear road map of the exact songs that will be played on the day. This is both stressful to the individual musician, but also results in a lesser quality band for you, the humble client.


At Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, we’ve tried to do things very differently. A big part of what we do is pre plan and rehearse all the music that we’ll be playing at your event. We’re quite anal about the way we learn the music, making sure every musician or singer is aware of the key, and any key changes in the song. We don’t simple ‘wing it’ when it comes to important live functions and weddings!


Another characteristic that sets us apart is that Celestial Band is made up of eight core musicians and singers. Everyone in the group is a multi-instrumentalist. As in, Lexi sings MC’s and coordinates the band. Our Bass Guitar players also sing, and our Drummers sing. By doing it this way, we keep the group tight, and the rehearsals even tighter.


Point of Difference


The responsibility for all things band falls squarely to Lexi Ross. This is another point of difference. When you book Celestial Band, you’ll be dealing with Lexi all the way through, and of course have her sing at your event. You’ll also deal with Lexi after the event if any further communication is required. This sets us apart, as you only have the one point of contact. As opposed to booking through an agency, where you would be emailing one person speaking on the phone to another. Then have a semi random band rock up at your wedding. With people you haven’t actually be liaising with (up until now).


As the band’s Leader, Lexi has her work cut out for her. As well as singing Lead Vocals, she also MC’s and can DJ as well. Lexi is a highly skilled keyboard player, and has a thorough understanding of classical and contemporary piano. Lexi also teaches primary school students singing and piano one day a week. The rest of her time is spent liaising with clients, musicians and practicing for upcoming Celestial Band gigs!


Just like in a family, a good band requires good leadership. Within a family, everyone gets quite confused if there isn’t clear direction and a united goal. It’s a similar story when it comes to a band. Within our band, everyone is prepped with as much information as possible. Everyone is on the same page, and has the same goal, which is to deliver an outstanding performance for our clients and their guests!


Live Band Yarra Valley


If you a looking for the best live band in the Yarra Valley, you’ve come to the right place! Our calendar for 2021 and 2022 is starting to get quite full with amazing live events. We perform at everything from Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Weddings and other corporate events. We can perform for you as a Soloist, Acoustic Duo, 3-piece Acoustic Trio, 4 Piece Band or 5 Piece live music band. We now also have the option to have one hour of DJ music at your special event or wedding! Have the best of both worlds, a funky live band, with DJ music as well!


If you’ve seen our videos, and you’re now ready to book, call Lexi on 0467375489. Alternatively, you can email lexi@celestialband.net to get more information.

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