Still looking for the best Live Melbourne Band and Saxophone for you upcoming event? Well, read on, because we probably have a package to suit your budget and event type!


At Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, we cover everything to do with live music! The most common places we perform at are Melbourne weddings, corporate events and other events such as birthday parties etc. So, with that in mind, we have a few different package options available, depending on the size and structure of your event.

Live Melbourne Band and Saxophone

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Live Melbourne Band and Saxophone!

Acoustic Duos Melbourne:


This is a popular one, whether you’re planning an intimate wedding, or organising a Christmas party, an Acoustic Duo is a great live music option! In our Acoustic Duo, you’ll get Melbourne singer Lexi Ross as your female vocalist. She’ll work with one of our awesome male singer/ guitarists who will bring some loop pedals for the beat. We’ll also play music in-between our live sets so there’s never a dull moment. We also offer a DJ Concierge service, so it’s possible to have us DJ for an hour, if you’d like to mix things up at the event. Chat to us about what you want, because we could do 3 hours of live sets and one hour of DJ music if that’s your vibe! This awesome little package starts at $890 for very casual functions and sits around the $1100 mark for weddings. Enquire today to get an accurate quote.  The price of weddings is slightly higher, because weddings are a more important event, and they are classed as a more “high pressure” gig for musicians. For a wedding, we have more liaison with our clients before the date. We typically also take more song requests, so there’s more time allocated to learning songs.


Traditional Live Band Full Wedding Day Package:


This is also a very popular option at the moment with our wedding couples! This is an amazing priced package, with lots of bonuses. This is typically what we do:

Perform during your Ceremony as an Acoustic Duo, then you’ll get a FREE Canapés musician while your guests are having drinks before the Reception Starts. We’ll then play as a 4- or 5-piece live band during your wedding Reception! We’ll play four sets, each one being approximately 45 minutes long. In terms of the tempo, we typically start the Reception with chilled music, and increase the beat until the end of the night. The last two sets, you can expect dance floor music, so everyone will want to dance and have a great time. We play a mix of genres from classic rock, to pop, R&B, funk and country hits! It’s like a mixed bag of lollies, with songs to suit all ages. This is our traditional live music package, but you’ll have multiple singers in the band. You’ll see Lexi Ross as your lead female singer, a Lead male guitarist/ singer. Then we also have a Singing Drummer and a Singing Bass player. Lots of talent, and very cool live music. This package currently comes in at $2390, but with a price this good, it really is first in best dressed for the dates we have available.


Live Melbourne Band and Saxophone!


Saxophone Player- The Fifth Member of the Band


If you’re interested in the Traditional live band package, but also want a Saxophone player in your band, you’ll be looking at hiring our amazing 5-piece band.  In our opinion a 5-piece band is really where it’s at. Not only does a 5-piece band look amazing, but its sounds so good too. It all comes down to our client’s budget, and want they want. A 4-piece band absolutely does the trick, we’ll totally get everyone on the dance-floor, but our 5-piece band is the next level. What you can do is have our Traditional Live band package as mentioned above, and then add on our Saxophone player for an extra $500 if your wedding is in Melbourne. We could write a whole blog piece about having a Saxophone player but essentially, it’s like having an extra voice in the band. In our five-piece band you’ll have lead male and female vocalists, and also have a Saxophone player featured. Loud and proud. It sounds amazing!


Live Band + DJ Package:


Ooooohhhhhhhh, this is a cool little thing we’ve just started doing to make our Traditional Live package even better. Despite all of our recent videos showing high energy dance-floor music, some clients still get concerned about the music being upbeat enough for the end of the night at a wedding or special event. So, to put everyone’s mind at ease, we’re now offering up to one hour of DJing with our specialised DJ deck in our packages.


What this means is you can hire us in our Traditional Live Band package, and instead of the band doing a solid four sets during your Reception, we will do three. Then DJ Lexi will bring out the DJ deck and DJ for the last hour of your Reception! This way you get a bit of both, you’ll have our traditional live band there, but you also get some awesome DJing! This package is currently sitting at $2390, the same price as our traditional live wedding music package.


Corporate Event DJ + Live Band Package


Ps If you’re planning a corporate event or special function, you can also have our Live Band and DJ Package, without the Ceremony and Canapés music! You may only require us to come out for a 5-hour event, and that’s totally fine! Just speak to Lexi about what you need and get a tailored quote to suit your specific event.


Melbourne Soloists & Acoustic Soloists:


If you’re having a downsized function, chat to us today about hiring a simple Soloist. The good thing about us at Celestial Band is that Lexi Ross, and many of the guys are all Soloists. Lexi Ross sings, plays keys and uses beats for her solo gigs. While the other lads sing, play Acoustic guitar and use loop pedals for their solo gigs. A soloist is a great idea for a function of less than 50 people. It also creates a beautiful vibe for an intimate wedding. The price of a Soloist is around $500 for the most casual of functions, to around $700+ for a wedding in Melbourne. Bearing in mind that performing as a soloist at a wedding can be a fairly high-pressure gig. It includes a fair bit of client liaison before the event, learning the song requests and then all the set-up, equipment and timing of performances on the day.

Live Melbourne Band and Saxophone


If these package options have tickled your fancy, speak to Lexi today and see if we’re available on the date you’re planning for your event! If you’re looking for anything related to a Live Melbourne Band and Saxophone, you’ve come to the right place. Despite on-off COVID lockdowns in Victoria, we are largely booked out for 2021 and 2022! With this many awesome packages, at these good prices, we really do have something for everyone! Email Lexi today at or call 0467375489