So, you’ve been hunting around for some reasonable Live Music Prices Melbourne… Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we’re going through ALL of our current packages and prices on all of our live music offerings! Including our DJ service! DISCLAIMER! this does not cover our wonderful Melbourne wedding band packages. To get a full run down of our wedding music prices, either enquire today, or stay tuned! We have a new page being added to the website, which is going to show you all our wedding packages with current prices. Today we’re just focused on information for our new clients-to-be who are planning a Birthday party, Anniversary, work party, or Christmas function type event! Any live event that isn’t a wedding. Read below to get a thorough understanding of our current Live Music Prices Melbourne.

Live Music Prices Melbourne


Casual Acoustic Duo:


  • You’ll have two of us arrive at your wonderful event, Lexi Ross and our male acoustic guitar/ singer.
  • We bring light equipment with us, perfect for a casual event with less than 50 guests.
  • Across 4 hours, we perform 3 X 45 sets.
  • This is for clients-to-be planning a special private event, who just want a bit of live music, without the hefty price tag.
  • All this from $890


Acoustic Duo + DJ Package:


  • We come to your event for 5 hours.
  • For half the time, we play as an Acoustic Duo, approximately 2 X 45-minute sets.
  • The other half of the event we DJ, this provides you with high energy dance floor beats!
  • We can take any songs requests and learn them to perform for you live!
  • We can customise the DJ playlists as well.
  • All this from $1450



Corporate Acoustic Duo:


  • We come out for a full 5-6-hour event
  • We dress as fancy as your dress code requires, black tie? No problem
  • We bring a big equipment setup with us, including a spare microphone for you.
  • We play 4 X 45-minute sets, with both Lexi Ross and a talented male vocalist.
  • We use guitar looping, and percussion instruments to give you that big sound effect!
  • We take your personal song requests and learn them for the events.
  • Package from $1190



Acoustic Trio, The Mini Band!


  • You’ll get three world-class musicians making a mini band for your event!
  • Lexi Ross the lead female vocalist
  • An acoustic guitar player/ lead singer
  • Our singing drum player, who brings both a drum kit and a specialised cajon instrument.
  • We can come out for up to 6 hours.
  • We will be playing 4 X 45-minute live sets.
  • We can play everything on regular Song List, plus learn some of your favourite songs.
  • You will get the full band vibe at a fraction of the price!
  • From $1650


4 Piece Party Band!


  • Lead female singer Lexi Ross
  • Lead male singer & lead guitar player
  • Singing bass guitar instrumentalist
  • Singing drum player
  • We bring our larger PA equipment set up, including an extra microphone for your use.
  • We will give you a FREE band MC to keep the formalities of your event on track.
  • We provide a FREE DJ Concierge service, where we play music from our DJ deck while we’re not playing live.
  • We‘re at your event for up to 6 hours.
  • We play 4 X 45-minute sets, including lots of dance-floor hits.
  • All this from $2390


5 Piece Live Band, with Saxophone!


  • This package includes all the benefits of our 4 Piece Part Band package, with the addition of our world class saxophone player!
  • From $2890


Deluxe DJ and Live Band Package:


  • You’ll get a FREE Solo acoustic musician to play while guests arrive.
  • Our phenomenal 4 Piece Party Band performs 3 X 45-minute live sets, including lots of high energy dance floor hits.
  • DJ Lexi (in the house!) is on the DJ decks for the final hour of the night.
  • FREE band MC if you need it, to keep the event on track.
  • We use a big equipment set up, including multiple PA speakers for maximum impact, and have an extra microphone for your usage.
  • We are at the event for up to 6 hours, not including setup time.
  • Package from $2540


Acoustic Soloist:


  • This option is perfect for a birthday party, backyard event, or a small Corporate function, where you just require a little bit of live music.
  • You choose between soloist Lexi Ross on vocals, keys and beats.
  • OR one of our acoustic guitar player singers.
  • We come to the event for up to 4 hours
  • We’ll play 3 X 45-minute sets live.
  • We play a variety of well-known cover songs from a range of genres including country, R&B, pop, rock, jazz, soul, and 90’s tunes!
  • We’ll take your song requests and learn them before the event.
  • Soloists from $500


Live Music Prices Melbourne


We hope you’re now well informed about the amazing live music band packages we can offer for your next event! The above pricing is valid as of January 27th 2021. Whether you are planning a smaller party for 30 guests, or you’re going all out for a Corporate work function, we have you covered. To check out mot recent live showcase at the Melbourne Showgrounds, click here! Speak to Lexi Ross today on 0467375489 or email to check our availability across 2021 and 2022. Dates are booking out fast!