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Right now, being in the depths of Melbourne’s lockdown number 6, we’ve had to come up with some new ways to entertain ourselves. Hopefully you get some entertainment from this one too! This week we’ve been doing a series of live streams on Instagram, involving Lexi Ross and some of the Celestial Band musicians!

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Celestial Band Muso’s April 2021

Live Wedding Musicians Melbourne


First up this week we had guitar player, singer and Bass guitar player Dan on the Live Stream! Dan has been working closely with Lexi for the past few years and is a somewhat regular in the Celestial Band group! Dan has a lot of experience as a live musician in Melbourne. He started off as a Bass Guitarist, before being hired more often as a vocalist over time. In the past few years Dan moved from playing Bass gigs, to now being a decent guitarist as well. Oh yea, he also knows his way around a loop pedal too! Very talented. Just like a lot of the Celestial Band crew, Dan is a multi-instrumentalist. Meaning he can play multiple instruments at Melbourne weddings and special events! This is so handy in the live music industry. It’s great to work with amazing all-rounders like Dan. Check out his livestream to catch his vibe!


Next up we had Lexi Ross on a solo live stream. Lexi is the owner and Director at Celestial Band. Lexi is a singer, a keyboard player AND a DJ. Just like Dan, Lexi is a great allrounder. Making her particularly useful in the live music scene, and very versatile for our Celestial Band cliental. One thing we’re well known for is offering amazing wedding music packages. We work out exactly what our amazing couples need, and then we give you exactly that. One example of an awesome package is our ‘Give Me Everything’ (I Want It Now) package.


You’ll get:

  • Our amazing male + female Acoustic Duo for your wedding Ceremony
  • A FREE solo Canapés musician
  • Our 4- or 5-person live band
  • A DJ Hour in the final hour of your wedding
  • From $2980 + GST


This package is great, because you get so much variety!!! We really bring the entertainment factor to your beautiful wedding with this package. This way, you don’t have to commit to just having an Acoustic Duo for the whole wedding day. Or just a DJ for the whole wedding. You get to have a little bit of four types of live music arrangement. You get your band AND you get your DJ! It is brilliant. Contact us today if you want a ‘Give Me Everything’ for your wedding. 🙂


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In Lexi’s livestream she focused on playing all her new songs. All songs she’s picked up in the last 2-3 weeks. There were songs in there by Major Lazer, Dua Lipa and Milky Chance. Lexi used a combination of keys, backing tracks, drum track and vocals to create an awesome little 35minute live set. One thing about these live streams to note… There is nowhere to hide once you go live on Instagram. This is really what sets live musicians apart from say… musicians recording in a studio. Our live musicians really do need to have an epic level of confidence and self-belief. Because just like when we arrive to play at someone’s wedding, once you go live, it’s all on! These streams were recorded in one take. This is why being a live musician or singer in itself is a speciality. As a live musician, if you make a mistake on the day, you just have to keep going! That is why it’s both a challenging but rewarding career path!


Lexi is also looking at performing a DJ livestream sometime over the next week or two. So stay tuned!


On the third livestream we had Singer/ Instrumentalist Tim! Just like Dan, Tim started off his live music/ wedding band career as a Bass player. He then moved into singing. In the past few years Tim has taken well to the guitar and now regularly does solo gigs too! In Tim’s livestream, he started off playing a few instrumental tunes, with the loop pedal as well! Then moved into singing some tunes. Tim loops the Acoustic guitar, and the bass, and then sings on top! Very talented!


Live Wedding Musicians Melbourne

Live Wedding Musicians Melbourne

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These have been our first few livestreams, hopefully we’ll do a few more over the course of the week. We currently have 37 weddings booked in for 2022 and we can’t wait to work with even more of our beautiful couples! If you want to check out a few more of our videos, head over Ms Lexi & Celestial Band Youtube page! But if you’re ready to book contact us now! Call Lexi on 0467375489 or drop a cheeky enquiry. We love you!!