Looking for the best Melbourne Wedding Entertainment, and wondering how exactly you should plan this whole wedding situation thingamajig? Read on…


Yep, this good old question regarding wedding planning tends to come up again and again. Across many social media groups, Brides and Grooms (to be) often ask, “How soon should I buy my wedding dress?” “How soon should I start looking at Melbourne wedding venues?” When should I book in my band?”.” Will my first-choice band be available?” Today we want to illustrate how couples go about booking their suppliers….. HINT, there’s no exact formular (Shhhh).

Melbourne Wedding Entertainment

Firstly, things have changed a little bit amidst the COVID 19 pandemic. To give you a personal example, the last two couples that have booked our Wedding Band and Acoustic Duo services have been in this same situation. Due to the pandemic, they’ve delayed the decision-making process surrounding wedding. They enquired with us after seeing us perform live at the recent Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo or after finding us online. They enquired even though they did not have a solid wedding date, just a rough idea of the Melbourne wedding venue they wanted. After chatting with Lexi and getting an idea of the reasonable price structure we offer, they went ahead and had a meeting with the venue of their choice. Then they proceeded to lock in their venue and book us, on the same day! This goes to show, that many couples are delaying the planning process and then booking in multiple vendors when they’re ready to metaphorically ‘pull the trigger’….. No, we don’t want you to actually shoot anyone during your wedding planning process, even if they do deserve it.. 😉 Back to the story! One of the above mentioned weddings is for April 2021 and the other for May this year.


SO, based on recent ‘wedding couple behaviour’, your timeline could look something like this:

  • “Books wedding venue and locks in date”
  • Books Wedding hire company and décor of choice.
  • Hires a ‘Day Of’ Coordinator or a Melbourne Wedding Planner.
  • Pays deposit on Wedding Dress
  • Books flowers and wedding floristry
  • Nearly books in your Celebrant and then finds someone better (hehe) 😉
  • Finds the most amazing Acoustic Duo + full Wedding Band Melbourne with lots of freebies and special offers, and books them in! (Ms Lexi & Celestial Band)
  • Books a Hair & Makeup artist, and then they tell you they’ve double booked your date…. Ect ect ect


OR in 2021, your timeline could look like this:

  • Decides to go with Aunty Sue the veteran Celebrant, so books her in first even without a date.
  • Gets a recommendation on amazing live wedding music and speaks to Lexi from Celestial Band (doesn’t book yet)
  • Locks in the date with a really beautiful venue, AND books in Ms Lexi & Celestial Band (on the same day)
  • Books in some awesome wedding cars and wedding transport, because they look nice and shiny.
  • Pays for Bridesmaid’s Dresses and Hair & Make up on the same day, just because.
  • Decides which Photographer and Wedding Videographer to use, and books them on the same day.


These examples illustrate that contrary to popular belief, there are no rules about how or when you should book your wedding suppliers. It’s totally possible to make an enquiry and get a feel for the vendor, and then circle back once you’ve confirmed your date. We are finding more and more that couples who have delayed the process, tend to book in multiple vendors once they decide to take action. It’s all good. This live music band (Ms Lexi & Celestial Band) is not going anywhere. So long as we’re available on your date, (and we are booked out a lot in 2021 and 2022) we will try to accommodate you! Whether you’re booking 18 months in advance, or 18 weeks, it’s all good. So long as we have a bit of time to learn your song requests, we are easy breezy. Free flowing love right here guys…. 🙂


Melbourne Wedding Entertainment


Speaking of booking. If you’re just about to have that final meeting with your Melbourne wedding venue, OR you do have a confirmed wedding date, chat to Lexi on 0467375489. We have some very tempting live music packages; all at very reasonable prices! We can cover everything from a simple Acoustic Duo, full band and now we even offer a DJ SERVICE!! A lot of our extras are FREE too. We’re not the kind of band to rock up at the wedding and do the bare minimum. Nooooo, no, no. We don’t even work with musicians that have a ‘bare minimum’ mindset. No, just no. When we take on a job, such as coordinating the live music band for your beautiful wedding, we take it seriously. We are looking to over-deliver on value if anything. We understand our clients work hard for their money, as we do too. Putting on an amazing performance and giving you the best value on your special day, is our top priority. So, if you’re looking for the best Melbourne Wedding Entertainment, and a good vibration band, at an affordable price, talk to us today. For more information email lexi@celestialband.net