Still looking for the best Melbourne Wedding Music Band, and wondering if you’ve got the timeline for your wedding correct?

Well for starters, snaps to you for being all DIY chic and planning your own wedding! Read below for some case examples of wedding planning, and tips on your personal wedding timeline. 

There’s a lot of information out there about wedding timelines, and how far out you should book suppliers for your ideal wedding day. Today we’re going to debunk some myths or bad advice regarding wedding timelines, and also illustrate some couple archetypes. These archetypes show how different couples, value different things. Everyone is unique when it comes to coordinating your dream wedding day!


Melbourne Wedding Music Band

What’s Most Significant to You?


Rather than following hard and fast wedding timelines, we would advise that couples book suppliers according to what they value the most. Okay, the one caveat to this is… Yes, you should in fact have your venue and date confirmed. Why? Because it’s hard for your other suppliers to confirm their attendance at your wedding, if you don’t have an actual date. There’s a concept in the wedding industry which essentially speaks to the value people put on different services. What this boils down to is that people value things differently. This is true in life in general, and it’s definitely true in wedding land.


Which Couple Are You?



The Well-Off Couple:

‘Jenny’ is a Botox nurse, she’s been administering various injectables from her shop in South Yarra for the last 8 years. Business is going well, and she loves what she does. She’s been snapped up by a handsome young surgeon called ‘Geoff’. Jenny and Geoff have a fairly high-income household. They’re quite comfortable. As Jenny is concentrating on her business and Geoff is often in Surgery, they decide that paying $4,500 for a wedding planner to organise their wedding is a good idea. They happily meet with the wedding planner via Zoom and delegate much of the legwork to the planner. Jenny and Geoff would rather just walk into their wedding, see the blush pink and gold colour scheme they chose, and leave the rest to the planner. Of all the suppliers, Jenny and Geoff value the service of a wedding planner more than anything.


The Same-Sex Couple:

‘Carla’ & ‘Ruby’ are a lovely same sex couple, that have been together for the past 10 years. The ladies deliberated and discussed what they wanted at their wedding for a long time before finally deciding to get married. As same-sex marriages were only legalised in 2017, Carla and Ruby really want to make sure the person that marries them, is same-sex friendly. The ladies start to search for a specialised same-sex marriage Celebrant. They find Bronte Price on Google, they read all his reviews and decide they like his vibe. The ladies are also very intentional about wanting a venue that is same-sex ready. For this couple, the Celebrant that marries them and the venue they work with are their highest priority!


The Rockin’ Couple:

‘Shaz’ & ‘Daz’ were High school sweethearts. They both grew up in Reservoir and have started having kids in their mid 20’s. Very much still in love, Shaz and Daz are now 30 and 31 respectively. Shaz’s Dad offered to let the couple get married at his country house. Therefore, these two don’t need to fork out for an expensive venue. Shaz and Daz just really want all their guests to be up dancing and have a good time. They decide to prioritise a Melbourne Wedding Music Band such Ms Lexi & Celestial Band. They decide to go with the 5-piece band option, so they get a Saxophone player in their band too! As well as dancing, they want all their guests to be entertained with a photo-booth. So, they go and hire the biggest photo-booth they can find, with 50 different props for all their guests to play with. It’s clear that this type of couple, will be booking their band and photo-booth relatively early in the wedding planning process. As that is what is most important to them.


The Pinterest Couple:

‘Jonny’ 38 has given ‘Rochelle’ 34, the green light to style, design and plan the wedding the way she wants it. Jonny wants Rochelle to be happy and knows she has an eye for design. Rochelle started creating Pinterest boards as soon as Jonny proposed to her. She’s looked at colour schemes, and really thought it through. For Rochelle, the aesthetic of the big day is a big deal. It’s all about the look. Finally, Rochelle decides to be super ‘2021 Chic’, and go with a ‘moody’ colour palette for the wedding. Think dark purples, golds and burgundies. Rochelle enlists the help of Weddings of Distinction in Cheltenham to help her with both wedding hire items, and on-the-day styling. For Rochelle (and Jonny sort of) wedding hire and styling are at the top of their priorities.


The Vanity Couple:

Ohhhhh we LOVE the Vanity Couple!! Okay, so ‘Maria’ is marrying ‘Gustavo’ who owns his own formwork business in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. The couple are tying the knot in late March 2021. Maria and Gustavo want to try and get pregnant the minute the wedding is over. They will be having over 120 guests, as both of them have lots of family. The one thing both of them want is good photos. Maria and Gustavo are not made of money, so they’ve kept the wedding menu quite simple. Likewise, they’ve decided on the Ms Lexi & Celestial Band 3-piece Acoustic Trio for their Melbourne Wedding Music Band. The one thing they want to ‘get right’ and splurge on, is their photography. Maria said she doesn’t even care about videography, as she’ll “only watch that video once”. She does, however, want to blow up the wedding photos and put them in every room of the house. For this reason, they agree on a top end wedding photography package. Making sure the photographer is with them from when she steps out of the shower on the morning of the wedding, until they close the door of their honeymoon suite at night.


Note: ALL THESE COUPLE ARCHETYPES ARE MADE UP FOR ENTERTAINMENT AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES! So why did we give you all these examples? Well, for one to be entertaining. But also, to illustrate that different couples have different priorities and preferences.


Melbourne Wedding Music Band


Some wedding timelines suggests couples should book their band about 5 months out from the wedding. We would say, don’t listen to hard and fast rules about how you plan your wedding. Have your date organised and plan the rest intuitively. As Melbourne best wedding band, we can confidently say, there really is no right or wrong when it comes to wedding planning.


At Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, we have limited dates left over for 2021 and 2022. To avoid disappointment, get in early. Lead Singer Lexi Ross is at every live performance, and thus, we can only perform once on any given date. Once we are booked, We. Are. Booked! We’ve had couples book our band 18 months out from the wedding or longer. We advise that if you meet a supplier you click with, be it the Lead Singer of a band, Celebrant or venue, go with your gut instinct. To avoid missing out with our band, secure your date today with a 30% deposit. Speak to Lexi on 0467375489 or email