Top tips for achieving the best physical body by your wedding day special event!

Still looking for the best Melbourne Wedding Music Bands AND want a dream body in time for your special event? Read below!

We know how important it is for couples to look their absolute best on their wedding day. Likewise, everyone wants to look as good as possible at that coveted special event. Whether it’s a Christmas party, birthday or engagement party! As Melbourne’s best live band, we are used to working on an “event to event” basis. Our live performances schedule is an ongoing process of preparing for weddings and important functions. So we know all about trying to achieve a better body by a certain date. Damn, sometimes a girl wants to fit into a size 12 rather than size 14 dress, are you picking up what we’re putting down?

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Aside from aesthetically wanting to look the part, having a healthy body feels good. There’s an old cliche “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.  This is true when it comes to achieving your best body. Nothing feels as good as fitting into your right sized body, knowing that you’ve been treating yourself well, by eating and exercising right.


Melbourne Wedding Music Bands- Top Tips


Don’t Crash Diet:

If you’re planning to lose weight, try and do it gradually. How stressful will it be for you to try and lose 5kilos in one month before the wedding? Did anyone say panic binge? In our experience, most times we’ve tried to lose weight quickly, the body gets us back by bringing on the desire to binge on food. Sometimes the more you try to control your diet, the more your body and mind will resist the control. Try to think of losing weight as a by-product of a long-term healthy eating strategy. Rather than a short term ‘must loose 5/10 kilos’


Exercise Regularly:

Yoga helps for the mind and body. Yep, it soothes our emotions and is a nourishing way to exercise and get in touch with one’s physical body.


Choose Sports That You Like:

The flip side of this is… don’t choose exercises you don’t like! Stop doing sports if they’re not at least a little bit fun.


Set Yourself an Achievable Goal:

Setting a goal like “lose 20 kilos before my wedding” sounds pretty hard and semi unachievable from the get-go. Be kind to yourself. Set an achievable goal.


Focus On Self Love Rather Then Deprivation:

When it comes to food and healthy eating, it’s better to look at the process as a letting go of old ways and unhealthy habits. Rather than treating yourself like a naughty child and punishing yourself, by ruling out food groups. Think of adding something to your life which is the health you’ll gain, rather than taking something away.


Be Okay Even If You Don’t Lose The Weight:

Maybe you do desire a smaller body in time for your event, okay, can you have self-acceptance even if you don’t achieve your goal? Planning for a wedding or special event such as a birthday, can be stressful enough. So much preparation goes into planning and organising these things. The last thing you need to do for your soul, is to start putting big expectations onto yourself. Perhaps you can just get a slightly bigger dress to make yourself feel more comfortable? No one knows what size we are actually wearing at the end of the day. Only us.

As Melbourne’s best wedding music band, we know all about trying to achieve one’s ideal body! Good luck on your health and wellbeing journey. Especially in the lead up to an important event like your wedding! Just know that we are right there with you, concentrating on our own body goals. If you haven’t yet booked your Melbourne Wedding Singer, or live music band for your Yarra Valley or Melbourne Wedding, hit us up! Contact Lexi on 0467375489 or email If you’re lucky you still might be able to get a free ticket for the Melbourne Wedding and Bride Expo this Sunday 17th January. There will be 150 top Melbourne wedding suppliers all showcasing. We’ll be there as a 5-piece band! Wedding Singer Lexi Ross and the Celestial Band musicians will be playing a mix of old and new wedding hits! Guaranteed to get your dance-floor packed on your wedding day!