Melbourne wedding musicians, wedding musicians melbourne, wedding band melbourne, wedding singer melbourneThe Melbourne Wedding Musicians in Ms Lexi & Celestial Band are some of the best performers in Australia. This intimate group has an accumulated 105 years of experience playing live at corporate functions, events and many love bird’s Melbourne wedding. The band is comprised of three outstanding singers, one dedicated drum player, our regular saxophonist and our groovy bass/synth player. All of our Singers not only sing lead vocals but play an instrument too, whether that is Lexi on the keyboard, or the Lead fellas with their electric guitars. Whether you choose our 4 or 5 piece party band for your event, we will have all your guests up on their feet dancing! Right from the start of her career, Lexi has had the crowd roaring at every single gig. We’ve never done a wedding where people were not dancing! That is our peace of mind guarantee for you.


Pricing- Melbourne Wedding Musicians

Our band is priced at the middle of the market. If you’re looking for the cheapest Melbourne wedding band, we may not be your people. But we’re also in no way near the most expensive wedding band! Our prices are moderate. Top quality musicianship comes at a price, and music is our full time job. Once we are booked for your event date a lot of work goes into the performance. Not only have we trained and practiced for years, but we make all the logistical and administrative arrangements to get four or five of the best industry musicians and singers to your event. We have songs to learn, and a run sheet for the day to write. Not to mention all of our ongoing showcase dates we appear at, as well as our online presence to maintain. Once you book us, you’ll be in relationship with one of Melbourne’s most professionally run bands. We will keep in contact with you right up to the event date (and beyond), ensuring we deliver an amazing live band, at your wedding or private event.

Band Formations- Melbourne Wedding Musicians

In our regular 4 piece band formation, you’ll get two singers who each play an instrument (Lexi and one male), then you’ll have a drummer, and our bass guitar player. For clients looking to up the anti a little bit and spend that extra $500-600 or there about, our 5 piece party band is the above formation, but add on our world class Saxophone player too! As a general rule of thumb, a 4 person band is enough to get the party started and keep it going all night long. Our 5 person band is a good option for those hosting a larger live event or wedding, say 100 guests or more. With our Saxophone player, you’ll add extra oomph to an already amazing sounding live band, achieving that snazzy saxophone sound. So without further ado, lets introduce our core band members. Some of our regular band members have played over 750 live weddings in Victoria, so here goes!

Lexi Ross

Having started learning the piano at 7 years old, Lexi has been singing and playing keys for 23 years! Lexi’s passion is providing amazing live entertainment at weddings, and she can also be found playing solo in bars, clubs and restaurants all around Melbourne. With a lot of natural talent, Lexi has a highly trained, unforgettable voice.

Melbourne wedding singer, melbourne wedding musicians

As a child and teenager, Lexi achieved great results completing up to Grade 5 in Piano and Piano Theory. She completed a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Melbourne in 2010, and later graduated with an MBA from RMIT in 2019. Lexi started her live music career by performing regular Open Mics around Melbourne such as the Balaclava Open Mic, and Baxter’s Lot in Fitzroy. She then went onto work with live bands such as Baker Boys Band and The White Tree. Lexi has now branched out on her own as a singer and band leader, alongside some of Melbourne’s greatest live musicians in her own band! Lexi can be hired as a Soloist, or within the Acoustic ‘Celestial Duo’ or as lead singer of Ms Lexi & Celestial Band. Before turning her musical career into a full time job, Lexi worked in software sales and Recruitment industry roles. This gave her an understanding of business, learning the skills to bring a new highly successful wedding and corporate events band into the world!


Pete is a Melbourne based Saxophonist and sometimes guitarist, who has been performing professionally with various bands around Australia & overseas for the last 20 years. He plays a vast variety of styles & loves fronting his

own jazz ensembles as much as he does being a sideman in other people’s bands or improvising along side DJs. Pete also tours & records with Aria award winning band Melbourne Ska Orchestra which has toured the UK, Canada, New Zealand , USA & Turkey including performances at world famous festivals such as Glastonbury, Edinburgh & the Montréal Jazz Festival with audiences of up to 60,000 people! (Aria Nomination again 2018 & 2019) Other career highlights have included guesting on anumber of occasions with John Butler & playing in Michael Buble’s band at the Logie awards. He’s performed with Tina Arena & has been touring with Aussie rock band Chocolate Starfish (on Sax & Guitar) playing the INXS Kick album in its entirety. Jamming with & performing for members of the Buena Vista Social Club, a lesson with Branford Marsalis & an amazing night when Aussie jazz legend Don Burrows sat in with Pete’s trio. He has also released his own modern funky jazz CD “Quirky” by the Pete Mitchell Quartet, which can be found on Spotify / iTunes etc.

Despite being an international award-winning musician Pete loves getting out and about on a Saturday night and brings the X factor to any live Wedding band!


Alan is our amazing Bass Guitar + Synth player at Ms Lexi & Celestial Band. Alan has been smashing it out on the bass guitar since his teenage years, starting out in grungy garage bands and eventually finding his way to his first and lasting musical heartland, Motown. Through the years he has played in all sorts of environments, from cruise ships to varying degrees of classy bars to musical theatre and his fair share of pubs; playing all the classics and plenty of obscurities along the way. Generally rocking a fretless five string bass, he can be also be spotted playing his classic Fender P bass and also revels in any opportunity to play chunky synth bass lines on his Moog; think Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars… As a lover of all music, Alan never fails to bring his enthusiasm, passion, personality and sense of fun to the stage, which makes him one of the best Melbourne Wedding Musicians to see perform liveMelbourne.


Dan is an accomplished guitarist, singer, band leader, songwriter and producer and is well admired within in the Melbourne musician community, freelancing with many acts. Most importantly, Dan’s ethos is to consistently provide highest quality music experiences with a keen eye on value for his clients! He has played in all manner of bands and is in

Melbourne wedding musicians, wedding band melbourne

high demand in particular with wedding and corporate bands. Having played well over 750 weddings in Melbourne alone, that’s a lot of experience to draw upon! Dan’s musical influences and song list are wide and varied. Learning to play guitar piano and vocals from ayoung age instilled a love of many musical genres. From rock to funk, R’n’B & modern pop- it all is reflected in his love of all music styles. As a result, your wedding or event will always have a packed dance floor! He has spent many years learning the craft of relating to audiences through music, starting out in his youth from small dance halls through to packed nightclubs, venues and corporate stages around Melbourne. As a result, the skills learnt from those experiences he now brings to the wedding scene in a masterful manner!



Melbourne Wedding Musicians, Melbourne wedding band

Rachel is a professional drummer and vocalist with over ten years experience in the music industry. She is originally from New Zealand and graduated Otago University with a Bachelor of Music (Hons 1st class) before moving to Melbourne in 2012. Since then she has toured internationally with various acts, performed at Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant Melbourne for two years and has drummed for a wide range of corporate bands and cabaret shows. She can play in a wide range of styles and can also sing lead vocal from behind the kit! She is also a songwriter and has an original’s project, ‘Honeybone’, who have released several albums and played countless shows around Melbourne and New Zealand.

If this group of Melbourne Wedding Musicians is what you are looking for, give Lexi a call on 0467375489 today. We’ll tailor a package to your needs, to ensure your entire event is covered by great live music. We play a mix of styles, with the best tunes from the 90’s, pop, rock, country and dance hits! Our band regularly practices together, and we can learn just about any song that you request. Send an email to or call today.