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Ahhhhhh modern technology, don’t you just love it…?

When it comes to weddings and corporate functions, there’s many music options within the industry. Today we’ll be exploring the difference between a traditional live band and its new baby cousin, the DJ Band.

Modern Wedding Music Band

What does a DJ Band do?

A DJ Band uses backing tracks, played from the DJ desk, then adds a singer, and whatever other instruments they like. A saxophone for example. A DJ band is a modern concept, it’s a hybrid entertainment option. It’s a modern twist on a traditional band. Singer + DJ = Dj Band..


What does a traditional band do?

A traditional band creates the music from scratch. The drum plays the beat, the bass player takes all the lower notes, the guitar player takes all the melodies and riffs. Finally, the singer, sings!


Traditional Band Benefits:

The benefit of having either a four- or five-piece traditional band, is that you have extra entertainers for your audience to engage with. The more musicians in a band, the more smiling faces you’ll have for your guests to interact with. Another aspect to consider about a band performance, is that a band will play songs in a slightly unique way. While a DJ band will use backing tracks that sound very close to the original, a band plays the song slightly differently every time. The musicianship of a traditional band is quite impressive. The musicians in Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, are all industry experts. We all live and breath live music. Most of us have had years of training, and some of us also teach our instruments on the side. To supplement our income.


Ultimately, it’s up to you the lovely client to decide what type of live music will be best for your specific function. In the case of a traditional wedding, we suggest having a traditional band entertain you. You really can’t go wrong with a classic wedding band.

Conclusions- Modern Wedding Music Band

It’s our strong option that while a DJ band may seem like one of the latest trends, a traditional live band is a classy and timeless option for your ‘day of’ wedding entertainment. Same goes for a corporate function or private party. Live musicians add a certain kind of ambiance that can’t be replaced by a DJ. For more information about our Acoustic Trio, 4- or 5-piece band, speak to Lexi from Ms Lexi & Celestial Band today. We LOVE our timeless classy band options. Don’t get caught up in a new craze of a DJ band, choose a highly recommended band you can rely on.

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