Music Band Hire Melbourne

Having the right Music Band Hire Melbourne is essential if you want to pull off an amazing live event!

We’ve compiled a list of 8 essential things to consider, before booking a band for your wedding or private function. These tips will help you transform from a rookie band booker, to a discerning client, fuelled with insight and knowledge!

Music Band Hire Melbourne

Regular Members

  • The discerning client checks a band really plays together. In this day and age, especially in Melbourne, there are a lot of ‘band businesses’. What this means is that all the players in the band are casual, and they’re all essentially on rotation. They haven’t played before, and they don’t practice together. Our guess is that you the client probably prefer a band that at least practices together!! So be sure to ask your ‘band-to-be’ if they’re a stable group that plays together often.


Speak to the Lead Singer or Band Leader

  • This is the great benefit of hiring a band directly, rather than going through an agency. It means you can speak to the lead singer, or the person running the band. This is great because you get to ask questions about how or what the band will play on the day. You get the peace of mind to know that you’re dealing with the person or people who will actually be at your wedding or function!


Check the Song List

  • Kind of a no brainer but check the band’s song list to make sure you like some, if not all of the songs on there. Find out what genres they play. No good getting a specialised Acid Jazz band, if you want to hear rock cover songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s..


Video and Photographic Evidence of Past Performances.

  • Have a good stalk of your potential Music Band Hire Melbourne, to assess if they’ve previously played live at similar functions. Have they done many weddings before? Check to see if there are videos of them doing this.


Instagram and Facebook Followings

  • Is your potential band cool online? Okay we get it, being cool online is not everyone’s life goal, but social media does count for something. Social media is a way to judge a person or brand’s ‘social proof’. So even though it’s not everything, go across to Instagram and see if anyone else is paying attention or engaging with your potential band. Note: One follower, and one photo of a dead chicken wing at a wedding is probably not a good sign!


Google Reviews

  • In 2020 let’s be honest, Google is a really good place to get information from. Have a look at your potential band’s Google reviews. If they don’t have any…? We’re not saying that’s an issue… But… that’s an issue!



  • Chat to your potential band. Ask questions. Have a phone meeting, have a Zoom meeting, meet in real life!


See For Yo’self!

  • Find out when your potential band is next performing in real life. Ms Lexi & Celestial Band will be at the January 17th Wedding & Bride Expo at the Melbourne Showgrounds. We can’t wait to mingle with new couples! We are also planning some live and virtual showcases for next year. Bring it on!
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