4 Reasons Musicians Hate Their Job

Ms Lexi and Celestial Band is Melbourne’s best Music Band Yarra Valley. But today we are going to reveal to you the ugly truth, the dark side of the music industry… Okay, okay, it’s not that bad! Honestly, as a well-loved wedding and function band, we are SO grateful to do the job we do. There is nothing more fun than doing multiple 5-piece band gigs every weekend. We love performing for lovely couples at their wedding and working with great clients to plan a flawless private party! We love ALL of that, however there are some realities to being a musician, some more… underwhelming aspects of the job. Here are some of the less commonly known, downsides of being a live entertainer.

Music Band Yarra Valley

4 Reasons Musicians Hate Their Job- Music Band Yarra Valley


Carrying Equipment


OMG less face it, most musicians have many kilos worth of stage equipment, and sometimes multiples of objects to carry around with them. Eg multiple speakers of different sizes, multiple instruments, or multiple audio mixers. Sometimes lugging all that equipment around is super overwhelming. Whether it’s a wedding the country, or an outdoor performance in Melbourne’s CBD, lugging those speakers and stands around can be exhausting. One of our least favourite things to do lug that heave equipment from point A to point B. Putting it on a trolly, taking it off the trolly, lifting a big speaker onto a stand. It’s all HEAVY!


Load In & Outs


Dealing with the load in and out of venues, is our second biggest bugbear after Carrying Equipment. Sometimes finding an entrance to a venue, loading in and wheeling that trolly all the way to the performance area, can be a mission. Especially if you’re somewhat dressed up, or at least have your make up done for a stage performance. That’s why we’ll often dress in runners and active wear for the load in, and then change into our ball gown and heals just before the wedding or function starts.


Dealing With Last Minute Changes To The Band Members


Unfortunately, every now and then, people call in sick to work. One of the musicians may not be able to do a performance last minute, and we have to replace them. This is not the end of the world, as luckily for us, there are a lot of great session musicians in Melbourne! These types of freelance musicians already know a good number of popular songs that are often played at weddings and corporate events. They’re also able to learn song very quickly, as they freelance for a living. It is always preferable for us to play with the same regular band members that we know and love, however sometimes one has to call for back up! Even if a replacement band member is found quickly, just having to replace someone can be stressful. Especially if it happens the day before, or, heaven forbid, the day of a gig!!!


Finding Obscure Locations


This one can be a challenge. Oh, if only everything was simple…! The good news for us is that most wedding venues are pretty easy to find, sometimes we have the luxury of being able to park literally right next to the wedding reception centre, yay. However, on some Corporate gigs, the load in is often more challenging. It involves us finding the venue, getting through parking lots, getting through locked gates, waiting for lifts … ahh the list goes on. So yes, finding the event location, and getting our trollies to the performance area, can sometimes be a struggle.

Music Band Yarra Valley


Now that you’ve read our top four reason musicians hate their job, you’ve been blessed with some industry insight you otherwise wouldn’t know! Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love performing as a top Music Band Yarra Valley. We LOVE weddings, and love working out what songs we’ll perform for our clients at their important function. However, even with all the blessings of being in a band, as with any job, there are some downsides. If you’re planning your wedding and wanting to see a great band live in action, come to the Melbourne Wedding and Bride Expo on Jan 17th. We will be there performing throughout the day. We’ll be meeting and greeting lovely engaged couples all day. It will be just grand! If you don’t want to come to the expo, and you’d rather just speak to Lexi and get your date booked, give her a call on 0467375489. Or email lexi@celestialband.net for more information. Remember, we don’t just do 4- and 5-piece live bands, we also do high quality Solo and Acoustic Duos performances as well.