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Lexi Ross, Lead singer of Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is one of the best Piano Singer’s Melbourne has to offer! Lexi started off her career performing at pubs and bars, before getting into the wedding industry. Lexi has a lot of experience singing and playing keys at wedding and functions right around Victoria.

Piano Singer Melbourne

Lexi was snapped up in the early days, by many Melbourne wedding bands. Within a few short years, she went on to create her own live music band that you can see now, called Ms Lexi & Celestial Band. When she’s not performing live with her full 4- or 5-person party band, Lexi is known to play at a range of live gigs around Melbourne, as a soloist.


Lexi uses a combination of the piano keys, beats and vocals to create a soulful and intimate live music performance. Whether you are planning a Christening, having an elegant engagement party or you are looking for a soloist for your wedding, Lexi is a great choice!


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Let face it, there’s more than one way to have live music at an event! Acoustic Soloists, such as guitar players are always popular. However, clients often come to Lexi looking for something different. They might be seeking a more traditional piano player Melbourne, or simply just want a good quality live female performer! By using beats as well as the keys, Lexi is able to create a full sound when she performs live as a Soloist.



Lexi Ross sings a range of genres, but two of the most common styles are Rock & Pop. On the Celestial Band Song List you’ll see a mix of modern-day cover music. Everything from rock, to pop, R&B, soul, funk, jazz and more! Lexi takes requests and is more than happy to brush up on important songs that clients request to be played at their special function!


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Check out this recent video of Lexi entertaining the crowd at The Bay Mordi!

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Intrigued and want to watch some videos? Check out Ms Lexi & Celestial Band Youtube page. Contemplating hiring a Soloist, but also thinking an Acoustic Duo or Trio could be good? Well Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is a small local band comprising ten of best singers and musicians in Melbourne! We can provide amazing live music for any event, whether it be an Acoustic Duo, Trio, 4- or 5-person party band, featuring Lexi Ross! Rest assured we’ll deliver amazing quality live music that all your guests will love, at an affordable price. Email Lexi today at lexi@celestialband.net or call 0467375489!