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Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is Melbourne’s most coveted live band and DJ music group! Today we’ll be discussing the all important question. Is it better to hire a live band OR DJ for your wedding?

Live Band or DJ Melbourne
Celestial Band Melbourne April 17th 2021.

To hire a Live band or DJ ? (Pros and cons)


Have you been in the cinema and watched a film in 3D, though it is fun and the action as if occurs in full blast while you are seated. There is no denying that nothing beats being there in the actual filming that you marvel for yourself in full colour the antagonists and protagonists just like having an insider passes.


With a live band and a DJ as entertainers you can fulfil that yearning to be there as things happen and even share the experience on Social Media. But when both these are too good for you, must you analyse which one is better?


Here are Pros and Cons in hiring either a DJ or a Live Band:


DJ Pros


  • Some DJs are hybrid emcees –DJs though masters of mixing beats, laying over one tune after the other and fading gracefully may also have under their cards the ability to be the man behind the microphone that is they could take on hosting too and provide the guests with the chronology of program parts. It is because they would know for instance in wedding programs, they could tell when the couple would enter or exit.
  • One man act- the DJ could be more economical to hire because it is only just him, nevertheless he has someone help him set up his gear.
  • Some DJs offer service packages- this could be in the form of emceeing, effects like indoor fireworks, photo booth etc.
  • DJs know how to temper the energy of the crowd- they would discern when to play old favourites, current hits and mellow music depending on the part of the program.

Live Wedding Band and DJ Melbourne



DJ Cons

  • Sudden Power Outage –DJ gear is dependent on electricity so knock on wood, if there is a momentary outage the DJ can’t play, he might just wait for any generators to be turned on.
  • DJs at times seem just stationary – most times they stay in their rig, however, they dress for the occasion.
  • Some DJs are meant for weddings only –it could be their forte but with other events we don’t know how they will deliver.
  • Some DJs do a lot of weekend gigs –there might be a risk that your event might not the only one at this point.

Live Band Pros

  • Live Bands can be in any event or Venue –though there are restrictions when it comes to volume or decibel levels in some venues, a live band can adapt to this. Also live bands can take any venue big or small, can have two pieces member, three, and your choice.
  • Worth your money –everyone comes for the total experience, the dancing, and the singing along and one cannot do that with recorded music. So it is the pleasure of the senses that everyone is after.
  • No Electricity, No Problem – with a band even if there is a sudden mishap with electricity the show shall go on, with the singer with a guitar even.
  • Music while Canapés are being served or pre-program entertainment – you can have a canapés musician while everyone is settling down to their seats and munching on some simple treats while waiting for the bride and groom without ever getting bored.

Hire A Live Wedding Band in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley


Band Cons

  • Must one thoroughly discuss song choices- there are various genres but it should be stated before the big day for preparations.
  • Wee bit adding to the budget- though a little pricier, the entertainment is worth it.
  • Members have momentary breaks for hydration- everyone does to keep moving.
  • Must be informed about extra hours –there is certain fixed time for bands but telling band members before ending the last set of extra hour or hours would not hurt if done promptly.
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Pop Wedding Band Melbourne

If you’re after the best Pop Wedding Band Melbourne, you have come to the right place. Hopefully this blog has given you some ideas about whether a live band or DJ is best for you! If you simply cant choose, have a look at our GIVE ME EVERYTHING (I WANT IT NOW) wedding package. In this package you’ll get both our amazing live 5 piece band AND an hour of DJ music! We bring a professional DJ set up with us, including decks. We have limited dates available for the rest of 2021, email lexi@celestialband.net or call 0467375489 to see if we’re available for your event!


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