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Top Things to Avoid Whilst Planning Your Wedding

When planning a wedding, there are so many different ways you can go. Different ideas appeal to different couples. If things go wrong, it leaves the couple with faulty planning, derail the timetable, creating new issues and skyrocket the funds with so much unnecessary expenses.

As they say, failing to plan (thoroughly) is planning to fail. There are things that should be avoided so that the couple’s efforts would not turn to rubbish; and the wedding itself is not beset by problems.

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Here are top things to avoid whilst planning your wedding:

  • DIYing Everything – yes if funds are running low, you can always create and make things yourself. But as naysayers would tell, weddings of these sorts are filled with wrangle. No one wants a monster bride on her wedding day so might as well leave the hair and make up to the pro, the flowers to the real florist, and the entertainment to the suitable vendor.
  • Traveling or eloping a week prior to the wedding- it is lovely to be gone with one’s beloved, but the ceremony and the reception must be prioritized too; worst also is more than the surprise elopement is going out of the town or country or doing it there then put things behind without reserving a warning to one’s folks and friends who should have been part of the planning is quite horrid leaving the situation to them. However, here in Australia there are events places, hotels that offer elopement weddings without ever compromising the family members and the guests.
  • Being sporadic in picking the “want” from the “need”-since weddings are mostly once in a lifetime personal event, everyone gets excited about what they see in blogs, magazines and weddings they attended that they want this and that. It is all right to list down everything that the couple needs instead of just following one’s fancy or whims so as to tweak out the ones that are not needed.
  • Not seeking the help of a Wedding Planner –people don’t expect a bride running from the car park to the chapel till wearing favourite greased shirt instead of her wedding dress just because she got frazzled baking the mini cakes to complete her wedding cake. Asking for help even just a week or two before the wedding gives at least wee bit of a time to the bride to relax and chill.
  • Not having a backup plan –either way the wedding would be outdoors or indoors one must be aware that things don’t go as planned so maybe, have room for spontaneity; but with weather, one cannot undermine the rain, the snow so may it be that these things should be anticipated.
  • Playing man–of-all-work – even Superman has his kryptonite so a mortal can’t just fastidiously do everything at once! There are vendors out there for DJ, live bands even duos, trios and depending on pieces of members one wants, photographers, caterers too. Leave it to them.

The best defence against all the troubles is to plan not a day before, a week or a month but giving enough time to think things through and double checking what has been missed on the list. Do this with friends and family, but never forget to have it as a couple too.

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Written by Jenny Chang 21/5/21