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Our live band in Melbourne is comprised of just under ten multi-instrumentalists and singers! A good number of us are Soloists. Lexi Ross plays keyboard, sings, and uses beats, while some of the other lads sing, play guitar and know their way around a loop pedal! This little post is about Lexi’s experience performing on the street today, for the City of Stonnington’s Street Performance Series!

Solo Singers For Hire Lexi Ross
Solo Singers For Hire Lexi Ross, Lead Singer of Celestial Band in Melbourne
Street Performances in Melbourne

Singing on The Street


“I had a pretty rad day today. I was lucky enough to be approached by the City of Stonnington to do a series of pop-up performances all around South Yarra, and the Prahran area. Nice and close to home! While my preference is to sing live at Weddings and other Corporate Events in Melbourne, I have been known to get up to a little cheeky busk from time-to-time. 

I already had all the right portable busking equipment. Including a battery-operated keyboard and a Rowland Street Cube. I love my Rowland Street Cube so much. It’s the most portable thing you could ever image. Just this light little red speaker, with mixing channels built into it. It’s a 2-channel mixer, so you can plug in a microphone, and an instrument. You might be able to plug in one extra AUX send too come to think of it…

Anyways, today I was outside Senzana’s Café on Toorak Road. Pretty daunting standing out there, solo, where lots of people I know could drive by and see me. But hey, being a professional musician and singer- we just go wherever we need to go! I did end up seeing a few people I know walk by, they just smiled and gave me money. Win, win!


I was out there playing for two hours and got paid by the local council. It was an awesome vibe! It went really well considering it was just a little ol’ street performance. There were a couple of people dancing as they waited for the tram. Lots of people came up and gave me money which was a nice surprise. I haven’t counted yet, but the tips looked to be about $80 in 2 hours. I sang songs like “Big Jet Plane” by Angus and Julie Stone, and my new favourite song that I learnt this week: “Crush” by Jennifer Paige! I love singing song from the 90’s! Can’t get enough of it. My band Ms Lexi & Celestial Band sings a mix of genres, but I personally love me some 90’s music, pop and rock… Those are my top styles of music to sing!

I have a bunch of these pop-up performances planned in the coming weeks. Can’t wait! I think today was so cruisey because I’ve done a similar contract for Melbourne City Counsel in December. It’s hard to fathom but I was doing around 5 of these paid busking shifts per week last December, plus band gigs. So yea, as a musician and a performer, these are super fun! I always love taking any opportunity to perform. Daryl Braithwaite, Kate Ceberano, and Tones & I have all been doing these types of pop-up performances in Melbourne CBD lately… Most likely they’re getting paid the big bickies- way more than me. Like I always say though, if its good enough for Daryl, its good enough for me!”

Solo Singers For Hire In Melbourne


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