Updated Postponement Policy


Read below our clarified and Updated Postponement Policy.

Hey team,

Up until now we’ve been quite free and easy with the ol’ postponement policy. Allowing couples to move dates around. Now given the rapid growth and expansion of this business, we’re having to tighten up our processes. We’ve also got a huge number of musicians that are booked in across approx 60 weddings in the next 24 months, so we need to consider the interests of our whole team.

Up until now we have happily postponed wedding dates, pretty much no questions asked. Moving forward, in line with most other entertainment businesses, we will be making a distinction between what is a free postponement and which types of postponements require a second booking fee to proceed.

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Below are four separate scenarios that can apply to your booking:


1. The Vic Government calls a snap lockdown.

In this instance we will work with you to find a new date that we’re available on to service your wedding. There will be no extra charge for the new date. It needs to be within 12 months of the original date, otherwise a $450 rebooking fee will apply. If you choose to postpone to a date we’re not available, your booking is effectively cancelled with us, as we’re unable to deliver the service.


2. Restricted Weddings

The second scenario means your wedding can still technically go ahead, but you:

  • Don’t like certain government restrictions (eg guest numbers and dance floor restrictions)
  • Your guest list has been affected by positive COVID cases.
  • Interstate travel restrictions.
  • You want to pre-emptively postpone ahead of time as you feel that there may be restrictions.


In any of these situations, a new $450 re-booking fee will be applicable. The reason for this is that every time we postpone to a new date, we lock ourselves out of a potential new bookings for that particular date.


3. You want to cancel.

You’re understandably frustrated by COVID and pulling the pin on the event. This effectively means that you’re looking to cancel your booking with us. Our booking fees are non-refundable. They lock us in for your date and cover all the work that’s done in the lead up.


4. What if Ms Lexi & Celestial Band gets the spicy cough?

If we get the spicy cough, don’t worry about it. We have 10 musicians and singers in our regular band. Plus, we have a tight DJ alliance network with quite a few amazing replacement DJ’s in it. We’ll let you know if we get the spicy cough, and then we’ll proceed to organise fill ins for your special day. This scenario is the least of our worries. It’s easy to get replacements. P.s. We’re triple vaxxed (and loving it).


Why do we charge a postponement fee?

The main place your postponement fee will be going is toward musician cancellation fees. There are a few bands in the industry that don’t give musicians any cancellation fees. That’s fine for them. But we’re not doing that. We will be giving all our musicians, even a token amount in cancellation fee. We feel that by doing this it fosters a better culture, and better relationships. We’re a band that actually cares about our contractors, so that’s the main place those cancellation fees go.

It is also used towards covering admin time and reserving the date. As soon as you’ve paid your booking fee, we start saying “No, sorry…” to all our new enquiries for that date.



How to find a new date that works:

Yes a lot of people like to pick a new wedding date and just go with that. But for the best chance of success when keeping your vendors, we recommend having a few dates to choose from. Don’t forget about mid-week dates as they tend to have more availability than Fridays and Saturdays.

Lexi MC and female DJ Melbourne
Female Singer Wedding Band Melbourne

Updated Postponement Policy


Hope you enjoyed reading our Updated Postponement Policy. Thats all for now folks. If you have any questions, feel free to email me Lexi at lexi@celestialband.net. We have a range of super cool packages that will be just perfect for the most important day of your life. Keep up to date with our live band and DJ service on socials. Head to our Instagram or Facebook page today and stay in touch! We are solidly booked out across 2022, but still have limited availability left. Check if we’re available on the date of you event by dropping us an enquiry today!



21st Jan 2022.


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