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On Friday night I (Lexi) performed my first wedding back.. This was Becky & Connor’s amazing wedding at Wyndham Cache in Werribee. It was just magical. At the moment in Melbourne, there are still quite a few COVID restrictions in place. Dance floors are currently only allowed outside, and there are restrictions on the number of guests that can fit inside a venue. Nevertheless, this did not stop my lovely couple from Friday night, getting right to it!

Connor & Becky’s First Dance Oct 2021


,thing)This was my first wedding back post lockdown 6.0 in Melbourne. Wow what a wild two years it has been.. Well, the pandemic hasn’t been going on for quite two years. More like 20 months or so…


Live Music and DJ Wedding Packages


It was actually Kerry, the Mother of the Groom, that secretly booked the entertainment for Becky & Connor’s wedding. Kerry actually only booked me 8 days in advance! Hah, last minute indeed! When Kerry enquired, she didn’t know if dance floors would even be allowed outside in line with government restrictions. So she booked me as an Acoustic Soloist, to sing and play during the wedding. As a band, we now offer an awesome Melbourne wedding DJ service for clients! Once Kerry was aware of this, and the venue confirmed they could have an outdoor dance floor, we decided to do a combined live music AND DJ package. This meant I would perform for a couple hours LIVE during the wedding Reception. THEN turn into a DJ for the final 3ish hours of the night. HOW COOL IS THAT! So they opted for an Acoustic Soloist + DJ package!! To be honest these types of live music arrangements are really popular at the moment, for a few reasons:


  • If you have one person manage all the entertainment at your wedding, it’s a lot cheaper than hiring a full band
  • Many people can’t decide whether to have live music OR to have a DJ. (I get it, it can be a tough choice!)
  • You get variety in your music.
  • You get to have lots of song requests for the night (unlimited during the DJ hours and slightly more limited for the live music part of the event).


On the day, the weather was quite wild in Melbourne. But by late afternoon it had cleared right up. When I arrived at Wyndham Cache, I realised that had created quite an ingenious plan for the outdoor dance floor. They had put some strong black marquee type material down around the outdoor area. So even though we were outdoors, it felt enclosed, and no wind could get through. GENIUS!


I was able to load in all the equipment from the carpark super easily for the night. I created a little setup where my keyboard, microphone ect and DJ deck were side by side, so that everything could be accessed easily. I set the main speakers up and everything worked, yay!


Popular Love Songs For Weddings!


Because the live entertainment was only booked a week prior to the wedding, I didn’t have much of a brief. I chose a few well-known love songs/ wedding songs to sing for the first few hours. Tried and tested songs like:


‘If I Ain’t Got You’ by Alicia Keys

‘Don’t Know Why’ by Norah Jones

‘Cant Help Falling In Love With You’ by Elvis

‘Fresh Eyes’ by Andy Grammer

‘Because Of You’ by Neo *New Favourite song to sing!*

‘Stay’ by Kid Laroi


Kerry had actually told me that Becky & Connor love ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran, and I was thinking about singing it live with the keyboard. The only thing that was stopping me was that I had a hunch that the couple wanted to play this song from the DJ deck for their First Dance.. Lucky I didn’t sing it because that’s exactly what they wanted to do!


After a couple hours, a person who may have been the Best Man came over and said they were ready to do the First Dance. Sure enough they wanted ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran and Beyonce! I played it from the DJ deck, and they had a very romantic and gentle First Dance.


Wedding Band and DJ Melbourne


After that the night got a bit livelier. I played upbeat dance floor music from the decks from 8pm to 11pm when the night finished. Not having any brief, I just played a bit of everything! Music from a range of genres, rock, pop, top 40, classics, even house music and rap. At this wedding, they had heaps of song requests which was totally fine. As a wedding DJ, I like to ensure that everyone gets to hear their song requests on the night.


Song Requests for Melbourne Wedding DJ’s


Some Wedding DJ’s are stricter then me with song requests, and they’ll knock back songs they don’t think other people will like. For this wedding, I just played everyone’s song requests pretty much right after they asked for them. Give the people what they want!! I say… If I think a song request is going to be too slow for the dance floor, I’ll wait until people are taking a break from dancing to play it. Sometimes at weddings, I can’t understand what people are saying when they request songs, that’s why I carry my trusty note pad that guests can write songs on. At this wedding I was able to find basically every song that they wanted, yay!


MC Service: Wedding Band and DJ Melbourne


On this night I also did a little bit of on-the-fly MCing. As a wedding band and DJ company, we offer a quality MC service. In the world of wedding emcee’s, there is different levels of service. There are dedicated wedding MC’s that you can hire separately for around $1000 or more. These types of people act almost like an On The Day Coordinator. Meaning they’re not “coordinating” as such, but they may be highly aware of what the kitchen is doing for instance, or what the wedding car drivers are doing. They walk around and they might tell jokes on the microphone ect. These types of dedicated MC’s are able to provide a full level of service on your wedding day because they are solely focused on the job of being an MC.

With our Wedding Band and DJ Melbourne service, we offer a ‘band MC’ level of service. This is a lighter version of MCing for your wedding. We still put energy and effort into it, and we still follow the run sheet down to the tee and make announcements. However, our main jobs on the day are playing live in the band, DJing, or both! Our main focus is the entertainment, and the MCing is just another service we offer. For this reason, we charge clients around $300-$350 to MC at your wedding, as opposed to $1000 to give you a dedicated MC for the night. With our MC service, we can guarantee all your announcements are going to be made, however we can’t guarantee your guests will be on the floor laughing at our jokes! That’s the difference between a dedicated wedding MC and a ‘band MC’, which is what we offer.


At 11pm sharp everyone started to head off. It was a beautiful Wedding Reception, big congrats to the wedding venue Wyndham Cache for pulling this wedding together so soon out of lockdown 6.0. Big shout out to them for creating the perfect outdoor dance floor too! It was awesome!


Wedding Band and DJ Melbourne


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If you like what you’ve read and you’re looking for the perfect Wedding Band and DJ Melbourne, come hither nice person. 🙂 Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is a premium Wedding Band + DJ service, with affordable prices! We’re able to all types of wedding entertainment from Soloists, Acoustic Duo, Full Band, DJ AND Emcee services for your wedding! Once you’re booked in with us, you can sit back, relax and let us take care of the music for you big day. Give us a couple song requests too of course. On the day we’ll be sure to give you lots of variety in our music. Your guests will just love in! Contact me (Lexi!) today on 0467375489 or email lexi@celestialband.net



Written by Lexi Ross 31st October 2021