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So, you’re going to get married and you’ve begun researching live music options for the big day. Go you! Or maybe you’ve been perusing your options in Melbourne for a while, and it’s time to make some snappy decisions! OR MAYBE you’re still questioning whether a live band OR a DJ OR an Acoustic Duo is the best way to go…


Whatever your situation is Ms Lexi & Celestial Band has some seriously good live music options for you! Our current prices and special offers are irresistible for those wanting amazing music on their big day.

Wedding Band DJ Prices

Auspiciously for us, we have three core wedding packages that couples are just LOVING! These have been carefully curated so that no matter what you want on your wedding day, we have a package for you.


Lexi Ross has been a professional Melbourne singer for the past 13 years. She also plays keyboard. As well as being a professional musician, Lexi also DJ’s and can confidently MC your special event.


Okay, without further ado, let’s get deep into the packages. Remember folks, amazing prices don’t last forever. These are our offerings as of January 2021, will the prices stay the same for long? Probably not. These prices are only valid for Melbourne weddings and events. If your wedding is more than a one-hour drive, or if it is spread across two locations, we do charge a small driving fee. This fee will be in the ballpark of a couple hundred dollars extra, so fear not friends!


Wedding Band DJ Prices- Our 3 Core Packages!


Traditional Band- From $2390


  • Acoustic Duo for your Ceremony
  • FREE Canapés Musician
  • 4 Piece live band for your Reception
  • Add $500 for our Saxophone player!


In this package, everything is live, everything is ‘bandy’ and everything is classy. Okay we made up the word “bandy” but you get the picture. This is the type of traditional set up where the band will play 95% of your music. In between our live sets we play music from an ipad or ipod. FYI we can definitely take your songs requests and have the band learn them for your big day.


Acoustic Duo + DJ- From $1750


  • Acoustic Duo for your Ceremony, Canapés Hour, and perhaps part of your Reception.
  • DJ Lexi for 4 hours at your Reception.


This package speaks for itself. You get a little bit of live music combined with the well-loved DJ service. We’ll work with you and customise the DJ music as much as you want. Either we can choose awesome wedding DJ music. Or you can send us lists of requests and DJ Lexi will have them saved and ready to go for your wedding.



Give me EVERYTHING (I want it now)- From $2490


  • Acoustic Duo for your Ceremony
  • FREE Canapés Musician
  • 4-piece live band for 3/4 of the Reception
  • DJ Lexi in the house for the final hour of your Reception!
  • Add $500 for our Saxophone player!


This package is our biggest and is basically the best of both worlds. Traditional live band WITH an hour of DJ at the end of your Reception. We can play super high energy up-tempo music both as a live band, and through our DJ decks. This package gives you a little bit of both. Guaranteed to have all your guests up and dancing! Don’t bother paying an extra $1000 for a DJ to come to your wedding. We’ll combine our traditional band, with DJ Lexi (in the house), for a fraction of the price.


Wedding Band DJ Prices- Customisation


Even though we have carefully planned out the above packages, because they reflect what couples actually want for their wedding, we can still make changes for you. We can customise our music offering, so that it meets your exact needs. For example, you want the “Give Me EVERYTHING” package, but you want 2 hours of DJ at your Reception instead of one. Simples. We can do that, we’ll simply have the full band come for less of your wedding and have DJ Lexi (in the house) featured for more of the time!


So, there you have it folks, three amazing packages. Three great prices. We also offer MCing for your wedding and special event, just let us know if you need it. We always bring all of our own equipment to our gigs and carry a spare microphone for your speeches. If a friend is MCing the event, they can use our microphone too. We’ll sanitise it for their use- COVID safe remember!


Book us in for your big day, then you can sit back, relax and focus on being excited about your amazing wedding coming up. Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is Melbourne’s best live wedding and function band! We a tight knit group of 8 members, we have a song for everyone! We play music across a range of genres including jazz, pop, rock, country, soul and R&B. We have flexible booking options and work with our clients to deliver and amazing live performance!

Best Wedding Band Melbourne


If you didn’t get a chance to check out our amazing live band at the most recent Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo, check out the video HERE! Couples are going crazy for our popular packages and generous special offers. If you’re ready to book, or you just want more information email Lexi at lexi@celestialband.net or call 0467375489

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