Still looking for the best Wedding Band Northern Suburbs in Melbourne? Today we’ll be discussing the Pros and Cons on hiring our 4-piece live band versus our 5-piece band.

Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is Melbourne’s most loved home-grown wedding and function band. We play a variety of genres covering pop, rock, country, R&B, jazz and soul. The focus of our Song List is on Top 40 hits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.


Our band consists of six primary singers and musicians that have been playing together since 2017. We rehearse together and know our songs inside out! The two most common band configurations we find clients choosing is the 4-piece band, or our 5-piece band. We also do an Acoustic Trio, which is a 3-piece band. However, today we’re going to keep the focus on the 4- and 5-piece band options.

4 Piece Wedding Music Band

What is it?

A 4-piece band is the most common band you’ll find at weddings. In our band you’ll get one female singer (Lexi Ross), a lead guitarist, a singing bass player and a singing drum player. Musically what happens is the drum plays the beat, the bass plays the lower bass lines, the lead guitarist plays the melodies, and the lead singer sings most of the songs. We also have a couple of male singers in the band to sing the real ‘old favourite’ male songs. Tunes like ‘Summer of 69’, ‘Jessie’s Girl’, ‘Eagle Rock’. Those song can also be sung by a female, and they sound pretty cool. But we do like to get the guys involved and have them singing on quite a few songs.



  • A 4-piece band is going to be cheaper than a 5 piece, as you don’t have the expense of hiring the extra musician to come to your wedding or important function.
  • A 4-piece band can play all the songs a larger band can.



  • We don’t typically put a Saxophone player in a 5-piece band.




5 Piece Wedding Music Band

What is it?

Within our 5-piece band you’ll have the following: A Lead female singer (Lexi Ross), a lead guitarist, a singing bass player, singing drum player and …. A Saxophone player! That’s our most typical 5-piece band configuration. You can request a twist on this, for instance, you might want a trumpet player rather than a Saxophone player. In the music world a Saxophone in a band is considered similar to another ‘voice’. It features in many of the songs and plays a lot of melodies and harmonies. As Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, we don’t charge a lot for the extra Saxophone player. Just enough to cover the cost of hiring our band mate for the night.



  • A 5-piece band is a bigger sound then a 4-piece band, you get that nice unique jazzy saxophone sound in your band
  • 5 people in a band creates more energy at your wedding or function and can be more engaging for the crowd.



  • Having the extra musician in your band will attract an extra fee. However, our band keeps our prices moderate, and many clients find us to be very affordably priced.

Wedding Band Northern Suburbs


Hopefully this blog has given you some valuable information to choose the best Wedding Band Northern Suburbs for your wedding or special function. For more information on our 4- and 5-piece band options, speak to Lexi on 0467375489 or email



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