Are you after the Wedding Band With Saxophone in Melbourne? Ms Lexi & Celestial Band can help you out.

We love nothing more than performing as a 5-person band at Weddings and other events, such as a milestone birthday parties. Our band runs a tight rehearsal schedule with just under ten multi-instrumentalists.

Saxophone Player Melbourne Wedding Band
Our world class Saxophone player Pete regularly plays and tours with Chocolate Starfish (the band)

It was 2010 when Katy Perry went out with her hit Last Friday Night (TGIF) from the album Teenage Dream. The music video of the said song was star studded and includes Hanson, Rebecca Black, Debbie Gibson and a whole lot more. It also featured Kenny G. the renowned American Saxophonist and won awards such as that of the People’s Choice Award.

It was a pop hit but refreshingly, it was graced by a saxophone! And perhaps, with the added flare of saxophone beat it took the party mood and mode of the song to another level.


Benefits Of Having A Saxophone Player Perform Live. 


Imagine having a saxophone player in a band, what benefits can one get? Here are some of them:


  • Band dextrousness and versatility – when there is a saxophone player it seems like the band can take on any genre and everyone would be chuffed to bits as they hear songs from jazz, blues, pop etc.
  • It adds a jazzy flare – A shiny Saxophone looks nice, and adds something extra to the live music to give it a snazzy jazz quality.
  • Perpetually appealing – saxophone music is entrancing and interesting to different people of various age groups.
  • Finds fit in every set up- this single reed mouthpiece instrument can be installed in a marching band, for a concert, sometimes in orchestra that only proves that it blends well with the music of the band.
  • Revolutionarily Sensual – anyone can agree that including a Sax player in the band increases the thrill of the performance.
  • It sparks audience’s curiosity – some may think it is one of the hardest brass instruments to play, but actually it has been designed to suit everyone as in SATB. It is also one of the most common instruments to include in a wedding or live band, it increases the pizzazz to the image and performance of the band.
  • Don’t be fooled by its appearance – some may find it intimidating but mixed with the other instruments and singers, the Saxophone player will fit right in at your big event!


A rarity it is that interests you, feed that curiosity and get yourself a band that has Sax player and know that there are infinite possibilities that can happen in your wedding or functions and upgrade on the entertainment department too.

What Size Wedding Band Do You Need?


At Ms Lexi & Celestial Band we can change the size of our band depending on your requirements at your event. A 5 person party party band sound great for events of 70+ people. If you’re having a large event and want an even bigger band we can accomodate that too. Chat to us today.

Melbourne Party Band
50th birthday party Melbourne

Hire A Wedding Band In Melbourne


Found what you’re looking for? Let our band provide you with the best Wedding band With Saxophone for your important event! We are more than happy to take on important song requests, and have our whole band learn them before the event! With music across a wide range of genres, we really do have a song for everyone! Got an event date? Give Lexi a call today on 0467375489 to make sure we’re available for you. Alternatively contact us here, or email with all your event details. Talk soon!

28th April 2021.

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