5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Band Yarra Valley

Here are five tips when choosing your Wedding Band Yarra Valley to ensure you get the  most ‘bang for your buck’. With todays wedding and function bands moving towards digital showcasing, its hard to know exactly what process to follow when searching for an amazing wedding band in Melbourne or the Yarra Valley. Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is a small group of world-class singers and musicians, we have a combined 105 years experience performing live at weddings and special events. With three singers in our group of six, we specialise in providing a full day of live music for your wedding. We will start off with out Acoustic Duo or Soloists option for your Ceremony, followed by the same again for your Canapés hour. Finally we’ll tear the house down at your wedding reception, with our 4 or 5 person party band options.

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5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Band Yarra Valley

1) Getting what you pay for

We all know how important it is to stick to that wedding budget in the planning stage. When it comes to you choosing the best wedding band in the Yarra Valley, look for a band you can trust, and someone you can build a relationship with. Couples often book us 18 months out from their wedding. That’s right guys, we’re going to be in each others lives for a while! Unfortunately if you’re just looking for a cheap band, sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Sure, you may be able to find a Melbourne based wedding band for $1600, but do you really want to risk hiring hobby musicians when you can pay an extra $1000 and get yourself world class musicians that play at least two weddings a week, together every week? At the same time, beware of Melbourne bands charging an astronomic price to come and perform at your Yarra Valley wedding. You don’t need to spend all the money saved up for your first-born child’s braces, to get yourself a good band. Hint: above $3800- $4000 is probably excessive for a wedding band, just saying….

2) Research, research, research…

Different bands offer different kinds of music. If you want strictly traditional Italian music for the first hour, it might be worthwhile to get yourself a strictly Italian wedding band. For us at Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, we play a mix. We have carefully curated our Song List to incorporate music from all different genres. Lets name a few; R&B, pop, Aussie rock, country, and 90’s music! A lot of 80’s and 90’s babies love that 90’s music. When you’re scoping out your potential band, have a look at their song list, and see if you like some of the tunes they have on there. Our band plays music targeting a wide audience, everything from Elvis Presley in the 60’s, to Billie Eilish hits made famous in 2020.

3) See Them Perform Live or Virtually

Well, well, well, after COVID19 the live music landscape has kind of changed (a little). The old fashion way of choosing a wedding band would be to pound the pavement on a Monday or Tuesday night and go see you potential band play live. Now days, a lot of wedding bands are opting for a more virtual style of showcasing their band. Or they’ve opted to put all their videos online to show you what you will get on your big day. At Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, we’re doing a little bit of both. Fingers crossed for an easing of restrictions, we’re booked in to play live all day at the Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo on January 17th 2021. If restrictions persist, it’ll be postponed a little later in 2021. In 2021 we are also planning to perform some virtual showcases. If holding your breath for a live performance is not your thing, we’ve taken the time to film some great videos of our band, which are available online. Our videos show you exactly who is in the band, and shows you exactly what to expect on your wedding day. Head to our YouTube page.

4) Your Online Stalk Game

Before whacking down that hard earned, best to go across to Instagram or Facebook and have a look at your potential band’s following. Social media is a great way to check out a band’s social proof, and just see if anyone really cares about what they’re offering. Check out the engagement on your potential band’s posts, is anyone commenting? Are their any videos of past weddings you can have a little squiz at? What about pictures of the happy clients the band has previously played for? While we’re talking about the World Wide Web, maybe check out their reviews at the same time! Facebook has a review section, but our recommendation would be to check out your potential band’s Google Reviews. Bonus points if previous clients have put up a photos of the band with their review!!!

5) Have a 3-way

The best way to interview the Lead Singer of you potential band, is to have a 3-way… Phone call that is! Allocate 30 mins of your late afternoon/ early evening to have a Zoom call, or a phone call with the band leader and ask all your curly questions in one hit. This is the time to find out the type of music the band plays, how much playing they will do on your wedding day, their package options, whether they can travel to two locations on your big day ect ect. Don’t be shy to ask hard questions so you can get everything on the table. You might want to ask what the band’s policy is on you cancelling your event or changing your date? For the record, Ms Lexi and Celestial Band will move you date for free if COVID strikes and we have a 10th wave of lockdown restrictions. After this meeting the Lead singer or Band Leader should be able to email you a savvy little quote and then the rest is up to you!

If you’re already on top of these tips and you’re ready to talk seriously about your Yarra Valley or Melbourne wedding, give us a call on 0467375489 or email lexi@celestialband.net. A good number of our 2020 weddings and private events have been rescheduled to 2021 and dates are filling up fast! As a band, we can only do one wedding on any given date, and once we are booked. We. Are. Booked!
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