We know it can be frustrating process for couples to decide between all the good Wedding Bands Melbourne. Established in 2017, Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is made up of seven musicians and singers. That’s a tight knit group compared to some of the larger “business bands” that might have literally hundreds of performers on a rotating roster. Our band practices together and plays weddings and corporate function together every week. We know each other intimately, and we get along great!

In our band family, we have three Lead singers. Two are male and play guitar, and then Lexi Ross herself who sings Lead Vocals and plays keys. We have our regular Bass Guitarist, our Saxophonist, and two drummers.

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Are your musicians full time performers?

Well, during the lockdowns, no one was performing full time! But now things have returned to normal, yes, most of us do gigs full time! A couple of our guys are also privileged private school music teachers. They spend half their time teaching, and half their time on gigs with the rest of us.

How many Weddings and live events do you normally play each week?

During the busy seasons August- April, we play 3-4 live events per week. During the quiet months, it slows down to 1-2.

How much experience do your musicians have? – Wedding Bands Melbourne

Our most experienced Singer/ Guitar player Dan has played over 750 weddings alone in his 20-year career. Our least experienced band member has over 3 years’ experience. So you won’t be getting any bedroom guitar players at your wedding.


What’s the difference between booking the band directly or going through an agency?

 Good question, this one really comes down to your personal preference. But basically, when you book our band directly you just deal with Lexi Ross from start to finish. “From go to whoa…” This gives us a chance to develop a relationship with you before the big day. A lot of couples come to us because they don’t want to go through an agency. They don’t want to deal with a third party and pay an extra 20-30% on top of the band’s fee. After dealing with quite a few agencies in our time, we prefer couples come direct. We tend to have better communication with direct clients. We can text you or email you at the last minute, and you can do the same with us. Need to change your Entrance song one week out from the Wedding? No problem, we can do these things last minute when we’re dealing with you direct.

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How many song requests can we have for our wedding? 

The band can learn up to 3 new songs for you on request. Firstly, we say to our clients, go and have a look at our Song List. Let us know the songs on there that you like and tell us any you don’t like. After that, if we’re doing, your Ceremony and you need 3 sentimental songs which aren’t on our list, we can learn them for you.

What if there’s a third wave of COVID restrictions in Victoria?

If there’s a third wave of restrictions and your wedding can’t go ahead, we’ll simply move your booking to a new date, free of charge. Simples. 

How early do I need to book my wedding band?

Well right now its November 2020, and we’re getting bookings for April 2022 so the earlier the better! It’s up to you but our band can only do one wedding per day, so once we’re booked, We. Are. Booked! From speaking with lots of couples, we know we can be booked in any time after you have secured your venue.

How much deposit do I need to pay to secure my date?

40%. The remaining 60% is due before the wedding, or the day of.

My wedding Ceremony is in the middle of a field with no power, can you still do live music?- Wedding Bands Melbourne

Good question, as a band we have every type of equipment you can imagine. Including a portable speaker and sound system. So yes, we can charge up our equipment and bring it to the middle of the bush where there are no power points 😉

Can your band play Jazz Standards?

Yes, our band loves jazz standards. More than happy to throw a few jazzy instrumental tunes in our mix. To celebrate the easing of restrictions we’re offering a complimentary wedding MC on all 4- and 5-piece party bands. Normally valued at $300* this offer is valid until the end of 2021. Get in quick to avoid disappointment. Email lexi@celestialband.net or call 0467375489 today!

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