Have you been searching “Wedding Bands Near Me”? No problem, Ms Lexi & Celestial Band services the whole of Victoria.

Yes, we are known to be a Melbourne Wedding Band, but we regularly find ourselves traipsing up to Moama, Shepparton, Echuca and Bendigo for weddings and other special events!

Wedding Bands Near Me Melbourne
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Hire A Wedding Band Melbourne


For the live music connoisseur, it is easy to tell why live bands are far better than recorded iPod music or a DJ. A live band perks up the scene especially for weddings; the music gives licence to everyone to be in the moment as one hears raw vocals and piano, guitar, drums and other instruments creating an amazing sound. When you hire a live band, you’ll hear favorite songs, played in a slightly original way. Every singer and musician brings their own flare each time they play a song.

Knackered in finding the best wedding band out there? Look not any further! Here is a short list of things one can do to find the best wedding band near you!


  • Facebook & Instagram! – Social Media can increase a wedding band’s following. It’s always good to have a little sticky beak on socials to see if you’re wedding band is playing regular gigs.
  • Attend a wedding –know a couple who would get married soon or a friend about to tie the knot? Well then, if you are invited to their wedding then get acquainted with the band that play and see how they perform.
  • Ask around– Word of mouth is always a great way to find out what bands are popular in the scene.
  • Talk to the venue manager – Venue Managers are often razor sharp in recommending the first-rate wedding bands. They can usually also talk to you about caterers, menus, the sound system, how many decibels are allowable inside the venue.
  • Ask other vendors – these people in the industry advocate and endorses those whom they have worked with before especially those with stellar performances.
  • Set interviews – Once you’ve found a wedding band you like, you might as well have interview them in person or on Zoom. Look for one that has no qualms studying the playlist given to them, not charging too much for extra requests or a little bit of over time.
  • Look for versatility – there are bands out there that can offer services like providing a soloist, a duet, a trio, four pieces, six pieces and string of instruments. Some others like Ms Lexi & Celestial Band offer a FREE canapés musician too. Our band also offers extra service such as DJ music too!


Another thing to look for is how long has your prospective wedding band in business? Choose a group that at least has a few weddings under their belt to ensure that your singers and musicians will all know what they’re doing when they arrive at your wedding! Look for a band that has earned a good reputation not only from clients, but one that is established in the industry.

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How To Find Wedding Bands Near Me?


If your wedding is coming up and you want the best in the business, speak to Lexi from Celestial Band today. With so many flexible package options, we definitely have a live music option to suit everybody.  With our 4- and 5-person live band, DJ option and Acoustic Duo you will be spoilt for variety on your wedding day! Email lexi@celestialband.net or call 0467375489 to check if we’re available on your date!


Written on 28th April 2021.


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