So you’ve booked us for your BEAUTIFUL Wedding Ceremony Music Melbourne, Yay!

Now you’re probably wondering how it all works…

In blog we dive deep into our Song Request process. Our capacity, our limits and ALL your options! You’ve booked our amazing Male + Female Acoustic Duo as part of our wedding music package, and you’re starting to think about songs! AWESOME. We love learning song requests for our wedding couples. Whatever we can do to make your day that much more special, we’ll always endeavour to do. As a first point of call, be sure to have a look at our extensive Song List, to get some ideas of what we’ll play. We’re always updating that list; with the latest stuff we’ve learnt!

Wedding Ceremony Music Melbourne

Wedding Ceremony Music Melbourne


Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is a popular Melbourne wedding Band and DJ service, and we sometimes do 2-3 weddings per week! Because of this, we can learn up to 3 new songs from scratch for each of our beautiful wedding couples. This means you choose any 3 songs for your wedding, that you’d like us to learn. If you want to use all 3 for your Ceremony, that’s cool! Or perhaps, you’d like us to use our list of songs for the Ceremony, and you choose 3 dance floor bangas for us to learn .. All good! The reason we cap it at 3 is that it takes roughly an hour and a half to learn your song vocally and on our instruments. Then we have to find time in our rehearsal schedule to practice it as an Acoustic Duo or Band. So if you request 3 songs, there’s already about 4 hours of learning right there!


What If I Want More Song Requests For My Wedding?


If you’re the type of person who’s like:


We have a special option for you. If you need us to learn more than 3 songs, you can opt to pay $200 for our Acoustic Duo to learn an extra song. Or $250 if our full band is learning an extra song (outside of the first 3). Given this option, you could hypothetically give us 10 extra song requests. That’s totally fine! So long as this is within your wedding budget.


How Does Wedding Ceremony Music Work?


During your wedding Ceremony we’ll generally play at the following times:

  • As guests arrive (10-15 mins)
  • As the Bridesmaids walk down the aisle
  • As the Bride Walks down the aisle!
  • While you’re signing paperwork
  • As the married couple exits the Ceremony


We have some tried and tested songs that we love playing for Wedding Ceremonies, such as “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis and “Still The One” by Shania Twain! We can certainly learn some others you have in mind.

Wedding Ceremony Music Melbourne – What We Don’t Do:


One thing we don’t do for Ceremonies, is take a prescriptive list of say 8-10 songs and play each song choice at a particular time in the Ceremony. Yes, we can definitely do your song requests at the time you require (eg Bride walking down the aisle). But after your three songs requests, we can only take on song preferences. We can’t guarantee a long list for the Ceremony. Both of us in the Acoustic Duo have to know the songs we’re going to perform for you. If we know them, we’ll sing them. If not, we’ll play very similar songs that we both know well.   After choosing your 3 song requests, leave the rest of the fun up to us! We will choose great Ceremony songs that fit the vibe of your beautiful Wedding Ceremony Music Melbourne. The process of performing live Ceremony music is very different to say, creating a Spotify playlist. When you hire live musicians for your wedding day, we’ll do the best we can to please you. However we also have some creative licence over the songs we perform on the day.


Other Ways We Can Incorporate You Favourite Wedding Songs:


Just to fully explain the rest of your options… If you don’t want to pay to have us learn a 4th or 5th song for you, here’s some other ways we can incorporate them.

#1 We can play the song from our iPad. We can do this during the Ceremony, for the Bridal party entrances, for your First Dance OR as background music at any time during the wedding. No problems!

#2 You can add a DJ hour into your package. For example, you may have opted for our Traditional Live Band package. We can always add in a DJ hour at your Reception for approximately $250. We bring DJ decks, the DJ booth and equipment. If you have us play a DJ hour, you get UNLIMITED SONG REQUESTS! Woop! Before your wedding, Lexi will liaise with you and get song requests for the DJ hour. If you don’t have any, that’s fine too! We know what to play to get that amazing dance floor happening!

Male And Female Acoustic Duo Melbourne
Female Wedding DJ Melbourne

Female Wedding Singer Band and DJ Melbourne!


After reading all of that, Congratulations, you’re now an expert on Wedding Ceremony Music Melbourne! We hope this blog gives you a thorough understanding of what we do, and how we do it! Currently, in July 2021 we currently have 38 amazing wedding couples that have booked us to provide the live music at their amazing wedding. WE. CANT. WAIT! Whether you need our Acoustic Duo, full Band, or DJ service chat to us today. On our Weddings page, we’ve got three core packages. Beyond that, you can always customise lovelies! We loooove to customise packages for you. Do you need a straight DJ service? That is fine! We have a lot of integrity with our pricing structure. You will ALWAYS get a fully itemised quote when you enquire with us. Before you pay a deposit, you will ALWAYS know exactly what your getting on your wedding day! If you haven’t yet booked us, speak to Lexi today at OR 0467375489 !!!!

Written on July 30th 2021.

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