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Hello Melbourne family!! What a crazy few months it has been. In lockdown, out of lockdown. Ugghhhh!! As a premier live band and DJ service, it’s been a roller coaster year for us at Ms Lexi & Celestial Band!

Last year (2020) we popped out of lockdown in late October, had an incredibly busy Summer/ Spring season before returning to restrictions in the cooler months. In Melbourne, we expect the current lockdown to lift at the end of this month, and our first wedding back is November 6th Woop Woop :)) While we anticipate some restrictions to be in-place, November and December is set to be extremely busy for us as live musicians and DJs. In fact, we have over 56 weddings and events booked in, with packages ranging from Full Band, DJ + MC, Solos and our Acoustic Duo!

Wedding Band & DJ Service Melbourne
We recently upgraded to the Gold Pioneer DDJ- 1000SRT luxury DJ deck!

Cover Band & DJ Service Melbourne


Next year its all happening folks. Firstly, in January of 2022 we’ll be featured at the Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo. That’s on January 16th at the Melbourne Showgrounds. Last year we performed at the expo as a 5 Person band. This year we’re doing it slightly differently. We’ll be playing as an Acoustic Duo with DJ sets too!! Lots of our wedding couples have opted for our Acoustic Duo + DJ package, or a straight DJ service, and we love providing that kind of live entertainment for weddings!

About a week after the Expo, we’ll be hosting our FREE live band Showcase. This is a private event for all of our current clients, and clients-to-be. Our Showcase venue is Lona Bar in St Kilda. Make sure you follow us on Instagram (@celestialband_) OR Facebook (Ms Lexi & Celestial Band) to get current updates about our Showcase!! This year we were all practiced and ready to go for the private Showcase twice, only to have it shut down by COVID restrictions. Given we’re now hosting this in January, we feel confident it will be third time lucky!!!


Some people have said its an awkward topic to talk about…. Oh well !! We’re talking about it. :)) I (Lexi) am fully vaccinated at this point. The accompanying musicians I work with are all single, if not double dosed as well. Yes, we’re pro choice, yes we believe everyone has a right to their own bodies. But at this stage in the game, we just want to get back to performing at your amazing events!!!

Flexible COVID Policy


As always, we have our flexible COVID policy in place. This means that if you have to reschedule or postpone, we will work with you to find a new suitable date. For any current clients who have been COVID impacted…. We’re not going anywhere! Very much looking forward to working with you on your new event date!

What We’ve Been Doing

Honestly in lockdown we haven’t been doing much except becoming better musicians, perfecting those DJ sets and getting ready for the tidal wave of weddings and events that are due to hit post lockdown! We’ve learnt a bunch of new songs that we’ll be performing at your upcoming weddings. We also upgraded to a top-of-the-range luxury gold Pioneer DJ deck. This DJ deck is a piece of art in itself, valued at $2749. We’ll be bringing this to all events where clients have booked our DJ service!!


Our 3 pieces of unsolicited advice for coming out of lockdown are:

1) Take It Easy
2) Self Care, Self Care, Self Care
3) Let’s Celebrate!!!

Large Cover Band Melbourne

Book your Wedding Band & DJ in Melbourne


That’s all of our updates for today folks. We’re now booked out across many core dates in 2022. If you are wondering when the best time to book your wedding band or DJ service is… The time is now! Avoid missing out, because once restrictions lift, the party will be back on! If you’re after the best Wedding Cover Band Melbourne, Ms Lexi & Celestial Band has you covered. Any questions just send us a message on our Contact page or call Lexi on 0467375489

We cant wait to party with you!!!!!!!

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