The Most Celestial Wedding Entertainment Melbourne

Planning a wedding in Melbourne can be stressful. Finding the right caterer, venue, dress, theme, and everything else can be highly time-consuming and exhaustive. After all, who doesn’t want a perfect Wedding Entertainment Melbourne?

One thing you don’t want to worry about is live band at your wedding. Melbourne is famous for some of the best live entertainment in Australia, but a particular group of live music performers stands out – Ms. Lexi & Celestial Band. Known for their unique style and skillful performances, Ms. Lexi & Celestial Band have become well-known for providing high-quality wedding entertainment.

Wedding Entertainment Melbourne

Who are Ms Lexi & Celestial Band?- Wedding Entertainment Melbourne

Ms. Lexi & Celestial Band were formed in 2017, and they are a group of live music performers who specialise in wedding entertainment. The band consists of 6 members, with four singers whose clients can choose from. Ms. Lexi & Celestial Band have several years of experience. Clients are often in awe of how synchronised the band is and how they have managed to create their on-stage chemistry.

Why should you choose Ms. Lexi & Celestial Band for your Wedding?

Ms. Lexi & Celestial Band are very popular in Melbourne, and they provide the live entertainment that your wedding needs. Why would you want to book a DJ when you can book a band to perform the songs you wanted a DJ to play?

A Diverse Song List- Wedding Entertainment Melbourne

Ms. Lexi & Celestial Band provide a diverse song list with a wide variety of songs that you can select for your wedding. They can perform everything from the latest pop hits to classics that will have everyone on their feet dancing. For your convenience, Ms. Lexi & Celestial Band even divide the songs in their extensive list into different categories to give you a better idea of what songs can be played at what time of the ceremony. If you have a song choice that is not on their list, they would be obliged to learn the song for you!


Ability to Customise

Aside from the ability to customise the song list to your liking, Ms. Lexi & Celestial Band also give you the ability to customise the number of performers you want at the wedding. You can have a solo artist who will sing powerful ballads for your guests, an acoustic duo to bring the calm the mood or even a group of 4 or more band members.


Affordable Packages- Wedding Entertainment Melbourne

Depending on your preferences and your budget, you can choose from the variety of affordable packages Ms. Lexi & Celestial Band have to offer. You can book the five piece band, an acoustic duo, a soloist or even a wedding MC. All of their packages are affordable and of equally high quality. They even provide a complimentary concierge DJ service in between their sets, so your guests never get bored!


Highly Skilled and Passionate Musicians

All of the members of Ms. Lexi & Celestial Band are incredibly skilled and passionate about music. They love to perform and make any wedding fun and entertaining. Call 0467375489 or email today.