Still shopping around for the best Wedding Entertainment Yarra Valley. You’ve come to the right place! Read on! In this blog we’ll be explaining why when it comes to Melbourne weddings and functions, its best to “hope for the best, and plan for the worst”   Today we’re going to be discussing a somewhat awkward topic; What happens if something goes wrong on your wedding day, or at your special function? Also, how do we deal with unfortunate scenarios when it comes to our Melbourne Wedding Band?
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This bride looks a little sad.. 🙁

Let’s face it, life happens. Friends let us down, suppliers take double bookings. And sometimes people in the world are just not as in tune with our needs as we would like.


At Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, our agenda is to provide clients with the most amazing service. We are fast becoming the most sought after live music band in Melbourne. Occasionally however, things go wrong, which we’ll get into below…


Wedding Entertainment Yarra Valley- What If Things Go Wrong On Your Wedding Day?


Firstly, we just wanted to talk about couples on their wedding day. For any couple planning their big day, the planning process can be quite stressful in itself. We want our wedding days to be perfect. We want all of our friends to support us and follow through, to help make the day memorable and beautiful. Unfortunately, sometimes the people in our lives have their own dysfunction or negative circumstances that they’re dealing with. Often these people can’t put their problem aside to focus on just being a good friend, brother, sister, or Aunty. That’s where people can get badly burnt and disappointed in the lead up to their wedding.


Our best advice is to hope for the best and plan for the worst. This might even include having backup plans if things go south. Touch wood everything goes to plan. If things go badly, all you can do is deal with it as maturely as possible and keep focusing on the joy you will feel on your big day. In other words, lovely people, don’t let anyone ‘knock you out of your light!’


Best Wedding Band Melbourne- What If Things Go Pear-Shaped?


The same thing is true if you’re planning an awesome end of year Christmas function, or you’re planning a big event for an Anniversary or Birthday party. You want everything to go well. You spend your time and effort carefully planning the colour scheme, taking care of all the details. You book your live music entertainment, ensuring you have the best band in Melbourne. You’ve found the most amazing live music venue, and you’ve secured delicious catering. All you want is for your guests to be happy and entertained. Unfortunately, things happen sometimes, and suppliers can let you down. Or other people or friends, may let you down and put a dampener on the whole thing!


Our advice is to keep your chin up, unfortunately people are unreliable sometimes. Don’t worry if a supplier pulls out at the last minute. Even though it might stress you out at the time. You would be surprised how many companies and organisations can pull off last minute jobs these days.


Finally, this gets us onto the topic of, “what happens if something goes wrong within the band?’ We’re SO glad you asked! There’s a little bit of a myth floating around about this one… Some people think it’s good to go through an entertainment agency because if a musician is sick the agency will ‘replace them’. This is sort of true about agencies, but this is also the benefit of hiring Ms Lexi & Celestial Band directly as a private band.


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Let’s talk about the structure of our band for a second. To be completely frank and open with you, this is the structure of our live music band… Lexi Ross is the Lead singer, owner and coordinator, then we have Pete our regular Saxophonist. After that we have two singing Bass Guitar players, and two singing Drum players. One of our Drum players Rachel, actually sings, plays drums AND PLAYS GUITAR… So talented! The reason why we have two bass players and two drummers, is to largely cover ourselves if someone is sick. Also speaking about bookings, sometimes we are booked last minute. That’s where it’s really good to have the option of two players, incase someone is already busy on the night of your event.


But anyways, we digress. Back to the topic of “What if things go wrong?”. Well firstly from this bands stand point, we can humble brag and say.. Things don’t go wrong very often. Touch wood! The reason they don’t go wrong very often is that we probably do more pre-gig preparation than any other band in Melbourne. Lexi Ross lives and breathes gig coordination. She liaises with clients, manages the band, sorts through the songs with a fine tooth comb, learns the songs… All of that good stuff.


That Really Bad Thing That Happened Recently…



We can, however, attest to the fact that this band is made up of human beings, and occasionally things don’t go according to plan. Recently our star Saxophone player was not available for a large gig. We had a fill in come on board with us for the day. Mind you, the fill in was not a random person we found in the street. This was a highly qualified, world class musician. Someone with many, many years of experience. Things were going smoothly, and everyone was gearing up for the big day as planned. The day of the event came and unfortunately this person arrived at the gig with a myriad of mental health issues. In layman’s terms, we would say they came with a ‘bad attitude’ Unfortunately this person’s toxicity rubbed off on our other band members and rubbed some people the wrong way. In the end we still pulled off an amazing live gig. None of the clients knew that there was any riff within the band. But we knew.


This scenario could happen on any gig, with any band. Because unfortunately human beings are sometimes unpredictable. You the client would usually never know if there’s been a disagreement within the band, because we’ll still keep smiling. Its only us that really knows. We might be playing a bit more anxiously than we usually would, but we will always be professional and keep smiling to the crowd.


This type of situation doesn’t happen very often, but in this instance, we simply never work with the petulant musician again. Yes, we might try and talk to them and see if we can work through their personal issues. But really, there’s lots of other bands in Melbourne the non-cooperative musician can work with. As Melbourne’s best niche wedding and corporate function band, we have very high standards to uphold. Just like in a healthy relationship, there’s high standards and boundaries that one must stick to. It’s really important to keep those standards up, because bad behaviour can very quickly impact the group and make it toxic.


Touch wood to this day, we’ve NEVER had a musician fail to arrive at a gig. That would pretty much be a Band Leader’s worst nightmare. If that situation was to occur however, we have backup plans. If one of our Bass guitarists somehow just didn’t show up to a wedding or function, we have that cheeky second Bass player we can call! In an emergency, we could get a replacement musician within 45 minutes to an hour.


If that second person wasn’t available, luckily, we have lots of musicians in Melbourne that could be called at extremely short notice. It’s not ideal, because we always prefer to play with our regular band members. But in an emergency situation, we’ve got our Basses (literally) covered!

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If you’re still shopping around for the best Wedding Entertainment Yarra Valley, be sure to check out our videos! Performing live is our passion, and we love learning new material from a variety of genres! For more information email Lexi at or call 0467375489