Looking for the best Wedding Music Packages Melbourne? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Today we are going to share all of our sneaky little hacks for saving you big dollars on your wedding! So that you can splurge on more important things like your wedding entertainment and live music! Read on for our top DIY hints!

Wedding Music Packages Melbourne
Noah and Singer Lexi Ross at the Melbourne Showgrounds Jan 2021

Here’s a few handy hints to help you have an amazing wedding – without the expensive price tag!


  • Make Your Own Confetti


That’s right, get a heart shaped hole punch and start punching away… On the Melbourne bridal Facebook pages, there’s always heaps of random DIY ideas. Some of which include making your own confetti! There’s even Bio-Confetti where people use dried leaves, or even normal tree leaves to make their confetti!

Wedding Music Packages Melbourne
Gum Leaf Bio-Confetti Anyone? 
Wedding Sign Officeworks
  • Make Your Own Sign


Why spend a small fortune hiring signage when you can get on the Officeworks website and make a super cute wedding sign and print it yourself! Officeworks has a range of materials at different prices. They have different plastics and cardboard options that you can have your sign printed on! Pretty cool, and a fast turnaround too!

  • ..,Borrow someone else’s flowers if they are getting married around your date- hello wedding date buddy!


Okay, this is a cool and random suggestion that we saw in one of the bridal groups! No budget for flowers? No worries! Just see who’s getting married around your date and ask to borrow their flowers! Otherwise, if you don’t want to do that, are fake flowers such a bad thing? I mean, they would last longer! And fake flowers look nice anyways… We like fake flowers!


  • Don’t spend $4000 on a photographer and videographer, source someone who’s not normally in the wedding industry.


This is a super juicy hack that Photographers and Videographers in Melbourne would not want us to give away for free.. Here goes. There is a huge population of up-and-coming photographers and videographers in Melbourne and Victoria. Many couples go down the traditional wedding photographer route and that is fine… If you have $4000 to spend. However! There’s many groups on Facebook such as “Melbourne Photographers” and “Melbourne Videographers” that are brimming with skilled people that could do your job. People that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to hire either. You just have to be strategic and discerning about how you employ these types. We’ve seen posts in these groups that look something like this.


“ Hi Everyone,

I am a wedding photographer and I’m looking for an artistic photographer for my own wedding. Max budget $1000 for 4 hours of coverage on the day. Looking for quality over quantity. Prefer that you deliver 20 artistic shots from interesting angles rather than capture every moment! DM me with examples of past work. Thanks”


Seriously, it can be as easy as that. Okay, maybe you do want a picture of every single little thing that took place on your wedding day, and that’s okay! Us personally, we would rather an artistic job. We’d rather 20 or so amazing photos, rather than hundreds that we’ll look at once. How many are you going to post on social media anyways? You’ll probably just dump the whole album once, put up a new profile pic and maybe update your cover pic, true?


  • Don’t bother with invitations, and certainly don’t send out ‘Save The Dates’.


This is an area you can definitely save some mun-ty! We’re in 2021 now guys, are we really still sending out paper invitations!? If you are, you need to stop doing that immediately. Jokes, you don’t have to stop doing anything. You can send out all those invites and get RSVP’s the traditional way if you want to. It’s YOUR wedding!! However, today we’re giving you our top sneakiest DIY hacks, so take it or leave it if you want to save a few dollars on your wedding! We’re telling you these super cool hacks so you can spend money on more important wedding thingamajigs, such as food, alcohol and live music! SO! If you want to be all technological in 2021, just jump on Canva.com! Get yourself a one month subscription and design your own beautiful “Save-the-dates” or wedding invitations.  You’ll be able to knock up a beautifully designed invite in no time.


  • Don’t hire a traditional wedding venue, have your wedding in a restaurant space or “wannabe” wedding venue. Did someone say UP AND COMING WEDDING VENUE!?


If you hunt around, you can find anything! In the Melbourne market there are so many different types of venues and event spaces. You have the spaces that are like a blank canvas, where you bring in all the hired furniture, food ect. There’s also a massive market of restaurants and other event spaces that wish they were wedding venues. They cater to the wedding market, although they don’t specifically class themselves as a “wedding venue”. If you’re trying to DIY or you’re working within a budget, these are the type of guys you want to go after. Busy and popular wedding venues in Melbourne are going to expensive. Sorry to break it to you, but you’ll be paying the cost of a new car! Our DIY hack here is to get a space that is part restaurant, part space for hire, and part “wannabe wedding venue”! You should be able to get one for a tidy price.


  • While we’re on the topic of venues, choose something nice and local…


Did someone say the good old Reservoir RSL!? Well, it doesn’t have to be Reservoir, but if you want to minimise costs, choose a place where you don’t need accommodation. Somewhere that will be nice and easy for all your guests, and suppliers (ahem! your band members) to get to…. That way suppliers won’t have to charge you extra travel fees too. Win win!


  • DIY Wedding Favours.


What are wedding ‘favours’ anyways? It sounds weird… ‘Favours’… Anyways, if you have to have these so called favours, get your arts and crafts on and come up with something cute. Heck you could just put a little bottle of hand sanitiser on everyone’s plate and that could be their gift!

  • Buy A Preloved Wishing Well on Facebook Marketplace!


Wishing wells don’t have to cost a fortune. Go on Facebook Marketplace right now! There’s heaps of cute ones on there for $20- $30 ! No one wants to keep their dirty old wishing well anyway, so there’s heaps of couples trying to flog them on Marketplace.. Check it out! 😛

DIY Hacks Melbourne
  • DIY Table Centre Pieces!


If you’ve been out here hole punching gum leaves and making your own DIY Bio-Confetti, chances are that you’ve reached the upper echelon of DIY goddess-hood.. If you can make confetti, we’re pretty confident you’ll be able to make a mean table centrepiece. Go for gold with that and you’ll be saving yourself another pretty penny!


  • Get a Second Hand or Preloved Wedding Gown.


It’s just a white dress that you’re going to wear once after all… If you’re not that fussy, why not get a preloved one? Maybe get some alterations to it, and bam! Wedding dress bliss!


  • Wedding cars and transport- Are they even necessary?


Do you really need a crazy expensive limo? What about creative ways of getting to the wedding? Maybe you already have friends with decent cars that can drive you and your bridal party to the wedding? What about an Uber? Is it that bad to go in an Uber? Does it even really matter?


  • Bridal Registry


Do you actually want gifts? What if people get you yucky gifts like something you don’t want…? What about just asking for money? Money is always good, because then you can spend it on things you want to spend it on! We like money. 🙂


Okay so after reading our DIY hacks to cut corners and not spend a fortune on your nuptials, here’s our list of things we don’t think you should get second hand..


Here’s a few things you can’t really skimp on when it comes to your wedding. In our humble opinion these are…


  • Food – Let’s face it, everyone needs to eat and we like to eat good food.
  • Alcohol- People need their liquid courage
  • Entertainment- Having live musicians and a band makes a dramatic difference to the ambience of your wedding. Yes, it is significantly different to pushing play on an iPod…
  • Make Up- Everyone looks better made up. 🙂
  • Celebrant- Apparently there’s some legalities to getting married right?
  • Wedding Rings- It’s up to you what ya’ll want to spend on that, but … Yanno… Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right?


Now that you’ve managed to save all that money on your venue, confetti, photographers and your gown… It’s time to start splurging on things that will make an actual difference on your wedding day! It’s time to get on Zoom and start interviewing Celebrants or working out what Wedding Music Packages Melbourne will work best for you!

Live Music- Wedding Music Packages Melbourne


At Ms Lexi & Celestial Band we have a Wedding Music Packages Melbourne to suit any budget, yippee!

Our most common package is the Full Day of live music. What does this entail? Well, we’re so glad you asked! Essentially, you’ll have our Acoustic Duo for your Ceremony, a FREE Canapés Musician, followed by our 4- or 5-person live band for your Reception! All led by Lead Singer, Lexi Ross!

To check out some awesome footage of our band performing live, head to our Youtube page! In this package, our band performs for you right through your wedding Reception! We generally play 4 X 45-minute sets across the night! Our first set tends to be dinner music, nice and chilled. Our second set is mid-tempo, our third set is mid to up-tempo. Finally, our fourth and final set is super high tempo dance music! You’ll love it! We always have the crowd up and dancing when we perform as a 4- or 5-piece party band! That’s our guarantee to you! In fact, since our band started in 2017, we’ve NEVER performed at a wedding where people weren’t dancing! This package sits at around $2390 for weddings in Melbourne, and slightly more if our singers and musicians have to drive more than 1 hour from Melbourne…


If you want to modify this package, there’s a couple things we can do. Firstly, we can DJ for the final hour of the night, if you would prefer that type of vibe! Also, we can perform as a 3-piece Acoustic Trio for your wedding Reception if you’re looking to save a little bit of coin! An Acoustic Trio is amazing, but just remember that more musicians and singers you have in a band, the bigger the sound is! One thing we remind our couples is that an Acoustic Trio is going to have more of an Acoustic vibe. If you really want to ensure the music is ‘dancey’, best to get a drum and bass player involved and have a 4-piece wedding band Melbourne.


What’s In A Live Wedding Band?


Ohh so glad you asked! Ms Lexi & Celestial Band was created by none other than Lead Singer Lexi Ross. Lexi is the Lead Singer in every band. She’s accompanied by our male Singer/ Lead guitarist, singing Drummers, Singing Bass players and our world class Sax player Pete! Our group is a tight -knit bunch of just ten singers and musicians in Melbourne. To ensure we never fall short of people on a gig, we have two drummers and two bass players! It’s good to have some extra manpower right?


Victorian Wedding Music Package Options!


Although our Full Day package is pretty popular, you can request something different if you have something specific in mind! Our traditional live music band offers the following services:


  • Solos
  • Acoustic Duos
  • Acoustic Trio
  • 4-person Live band
  • 5-person live band with Saxophone!
  • DJ
  • MC
  • Dry Ice!


We also provide all the equipment on the day, including lights and an extra microphone for our lovely clients to use for speeches!

Wedding Music Packages Melbourne


If you’re ready to book the most amazing Wedding Music Packages Melbourne, email lexi@celestialband.net. With many dates booked out across 2021 and 2022, we are getting quite busy! We love nothing more than bringing your wedding entertainment dreams to life! Got song requests? No problem, we’ll learn them for you! If you don’t want to email, and you’re ready to jump on the phone, call 0467375489 today and speak to Lexi! With so many package options available, we’ll be sure to tailor a quote to fit in with your wedding budget!