Still looking for your Wedding Music Yarra Valley? Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is Melbourne’s best traditional live band.

About Us


Established in 2017, Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is a female owned and operated dedicated wedding band providing exceptional Wedding Music Yarra Valley. We specialise in bringing your dream wedding band to life, and provide entertainment for large scale private functions. We perform regularly as a 4- or 5-person band. In our four-piece band, you’ll have Ms Lexi herself as your female Lead Singer. You’ll then have a male Lead Singer/ guitarist, a singing bass player and a singing drum player. If you love the look and sound of a Saxophone, then perhaps our 5-piece band will be better suited for your wedding. In the 5-piece band option, you have the above players, PLUS a dedicated Sax player!

Wedding Music Yarra Valley

How We Roll

At a typical wedding reception, we will play you four 45-minute sets across the night. We don’t just appear at wedding Receptions, however. We can also play live music for both you Ceremony, and during the Canapés hour. During the Ceremony our preferred live music configuration is an Acoustic Duo. If you just want an Acoustic Soloist, or one female singer/ keyboard player during the Ceremony- we can do that too. For the Canapés hour, we’ll either play as an Acoustic Duo or provide you with a solo musician that you’ll love.

What We Play

We pride ourselves on having a wide variety of songs to perform. We cover genres such as rock, pop, country, R&B, 90’s music and jazz. Our music also comes from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. We really do have a song for everybody. With songs like ‘Dance Monkey’ for the kiddies, to hits like ‘Eagle Rock’ and other legendary tunes that the older crowd will love.

What We Can Offer You – Wedding Bands Melbourne

We have a number of freebies and Special Offers we love to give to couples. Firstly, when you book us for your wedding we’ll arrive with a lot of equipment on the day. We also have a handheld microphone for speeches. We give couples a Complimentary DJ Concierge service. This means that all night long we’ll alternate between playing out live music sets, and then playing music from an iPod through our big PA speakers. By doing it this way, we ensure you have good music playing continuously all night long, and there’s never a dull moment. Currently, we’re also giving our couples a Pre-Wedding Gift of a song of their choice recorded and emailed to them, in the lead up to their wedding day. We have a few more top-secret special offers that we’ll only be giving away at the next Wedding and Bride Expo…

Where To See Us Play

We have a number of live showcases planned for 2021. Some online and some in real life. Our next public performance will be the January 17th Wedding and Bride Expo in Melbourne. Held at the Showgrounds. For a limited time only free ticket, click here.

Next Steps..

If you’ve seen some of our videos, and you’re ready to lock us in for your glorious wedding, speak to Lexi on 0467375489 or email she will email you a comprehensive quote based on your requirements.