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After working with some of Melbourne’s best and worst musicians, we’ve developed a very well-rounded outlook on the industry. We know what makes a good band member, and we know some of the things that make a ‘bad’ band member. So without further ado, lets jump right into the Do’s and Don’t’s of being a good live music band member.

Wedding Singer Yarra Valley

Do’s and Don’t’s of being a band member.



  • Have a good attitude


AKA ‘Come correct’. Seriously, in this day and age you only get one opportunity to make a good impression. We’ve seen certain musicians rock up to a gig with a bad attitude, get spoken to and then change their attitude by the end of the day. If you do that it’s kind of too late. Our advice would be to come correct the first time. If you can’t come to a gig with a good attitude, one must question why you’re accepting the gig at all…


  • Be on time


This is important, allow extra time if you’re not exactly sure where you’re going. Nothing worse than rocking up to a live music band Melbourne gig stressed, and late.


  • Be a team player.


The best band members are team players. They know how to help at the end of the night. They know how to step up and assist.


  • Know the material.


On our Ms Lexi & Celestial Band gigs, we work out our exact setlist ahead of time. Not only do we work out and practice the songs, but everyone is given a list of keys that each song is in. Therefore, there’s no excuse for not knowing the material. Knowing the material well also helps you build confidence as a musician.


Weddings Singer Yarra Valley




  • Don’t come in thinking it’s all about you


In other words, don’t come in with an intention to be the centre of attention. Or to start calling the shots. If you’re hired as a musician on a gig, you’re most likely going to be hired by a chief, to be an Indian. Learn to act the part and come with a service mindset.


  • Don’t give unsolicited advice unless you’re asked for it.


This point is an extension of the first “Don’t”. Yes, you might have lots of experience in the music industry, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we want you to tell us how to run the show.


We recently had an audacious fill in Saxophone player working with Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, and he gave out a lot of unwanted advice. Part of his follow up email after the gig read like this:


“Lastly and most importantly, I would strongly suggest you drop the ‘diva’ thing. I work with real divas (Vika Bull, Kylie Auldist) who are lovely people. It puts everyone you work with offside.”


….Errmmmm thanks for your feedback pal, no one ever asked for it! Also, for the record, life is usually a case of “you spot it, you got it”. So, if you’re calling Lexi from Celestial Band a ‘diva’, maybe it is actually yourself who is the ‘diva’. Buddy.


  • Don’t message or call after the gig asking for publicly available information


You would be surprised how often musicians ask for an email address, when its literally plastered all over the internet. Its definitely at the top of the website. A little bit of initiative will get you a long way.


  • Don’t start following up the payment of an invoice straight after you’ve sent it.


Honestly, in the world of invoices, it’s quite annoying to get texts and phone calls about a payment, when you only sent it in your invoice two or three days before. We are well aware of invoices to pay, and it would be a crime if we decided to not pay someone’s invoice. Depending on cashflow, your invoice might be paid a day after you send it, or it could be paid three weeks after you send it in. Bottom line is you’re getting paid dear friend, no need to be all crazy now. Umm even if we pay your invoice within a month, its all-gravy dude. If anything, if you keep texting and calling about an invoice you’ve just sent in, we are going to feel like you’re being pushy and manipulative. Therefore, we might choose to hold off on paying that invoice, to avoid being manipulated. Just saying…


Wedding Singer Yarra Valley


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog about the Do’s and Don’ts’s of being a good band member! Melbourne is brimming with live music talent! With so much talent going around, it’s important to have the right social etiquette to make yourself a good, employable band member.


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