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Yarra Valley Acoustic Band

2021 is shaping up to be a crazy busy year! After coming out of COVID we performed at the Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo in January a 5-piece Band! From there many couples have booked us for live events across 2021 and 2022. We also get a range of semi-last-minute enquiries for people wanting to book our Solo, Acoustic Duo, Acoustic Trio, 4- and 5-piece band options for a variety of events! These include Engagement Parties, Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, and Christmas functions!


The good thing about our live music group, is that we can accommodate many different types of client requests. Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is a tight knit Melbourne based live music band, with only ten of the best live musicians and singers. The majority of us are multi-instrumentalists. Meaning, we sing, we play multiple instruments, we DJ, and we can organise things! Having so much talent in our band means that we can service a broad range of events. Want a strictly 1960’s band? No problem, we can do music from the 1960’s! See our most recently blog post to read about some of the amazing songs we play from that era alone! Want a Soloist to just play pop music for your baby’s Christening? No problem, Lexi Ross or one of the Acoustic Soloist lads can do that at your Christening. Want a really cool Acoustic Duo with looping, actually, make that an Acoustic Trio for your wedding? No worries let’s get Lexi, Noah AND Rachael out on that job!


Our Band Is Being Split In Two!- Best Live Bands Yarra Valley!


So that brings us to some really cool news. On the 17th of April this year, we’ll be doing a first at Ms Lexi & Celestial Band. On this date three of us, are going to be performing as an Acoustic Trio at a wedding in Sassafras, Victoria. While another FOUR of us are going out separately to perform at an Engagement Party in Beechworth! Super exciting! The crew going out to Beechworth are having to stay in hotel rooms overnight, as the drive is around 3.5 hours from Melbourne CBD! We are super excited about all this. We’re excited about it for a number of reasons. Having our Celestial Band split in two means that we can service two groups of amazing clients, and it means that we have the opportunity to bring double the live music joy on this date! It also means that seven of our Celestial Band musicians will be out working and doing what they do best!


Which Musicians Are In Our Live Band?


In our band we have two female singers, led by Lexi Ross. Two male Lead Guitarist/ singers, two drummers, two singing bass players, and our world class Saxophone player Pete! While we only ever aim to be out as a band once on each date, with ten musicians, we have the ability to split into two groups, and service multiple events!


Flexible Booking Terms- Yarra Valley Acoustic Band


April 17th 2021 is set to be a big date! In fact, the rest of 2021 is shaping up quite well! At Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, we have flexible booking terms for our clients! This means that if COVID 19 restrictions come into place, and you can’t have your special event or wedding, we’ll simply move the date for you free of charge. We have a small non-refundable booking fee which is used to book in or secure the date with our band. We can’t refund the booking fee, but we can simply reschedule the date, and still give you the amazing live music performance you are dreaming of, on the new date!


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If you’re looking for the best Yarra Valley Acoustic Band, be sure to check if we are available on the date of your special event! As a modern Melbourne cover band, we play music from a range of genres, including rock, pop, jazz, R&B, soul and funk music! Heck, we even love our country tunes! For more information or to make a booking, email Lexi Ross at or call 0467375489, if you don’t want to wait! With an extensive Song list, and music from many eras, we are sure to have a song for everybody. Click here to check us out on Instagram!