Bridesmaids Dresses 101

As the best Yarra Valley Acoustic Duo we’ve met lots of couples who are deep in their wedding planning process.

One reoccurring issue seems to be how to organise your Bridesmaids Dresses! Today we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks on how to deal with this aspect of your wedding planning. Read below to find out everything you need to know before tackling the Bridesmaids dress situation.



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To pay or not to pay?


One of first things to work out is; are you going to be paying for the dresses in your wedding budget? Or will your lovely Bridesmaids be buying their own? You might be paying for a lot of other things on the day and decide that its appropriate to let them pay for their own dress. Sometimes it seems like weddings a minefield of social etiquette. Our advice is to work out your budget before getting the bridesmaids onboard and be open about further expenses from the beginning.


Getting all the Bridesmaids on the same page:


This sounds like it could be a fun girls’ trip in theory but trying on dresses can sometimes be an issue. Not only does every person have different preferences and choices, some of your bridesmaids may have insecurities when trying dresses on. Sometimes choice can be overwhelming, and even getting a time that suits everyone can be a challenge. Our advice is to research dresses online first before going in store with everyone. Work out what colours, styles and looks you want for the wedding and then narrow down the choices for your Bridesmaids. Allowing them some choices is a great way to get them enthusiastic about being a Bridesmaid, although make sure you have the final say!


Choosing one style or multiple?- Yarra Valley Acoustic Duo


It’s up to you whether you opt for a uniform look or have everyone wearing different style dresses. Some sources say to keep changes between the Bridesmaids dresses to a minimum. For instance, have a different neckline but all the same length. Or have different colours but have the same fabric for all dresses.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a style that literally suits “every body”. While a uniform style may look great on the wedding day, there are bonuses to all the Bridesmaid’s being in a different dress. For one, they may be able to wear their dress again another time if they have chosen their own dress. Our biggest recommendation comes from the Melbourne Brides Facebook group. A lot of former and current brides swear by the convertible “Infinity Dress”. These babies retail at about around $100 a piece and are rumoured to be able to be worn hundreds of ways. We can see about 10 or 11 different ways the dress can be worn, and that’s good enough for us!

Convertible Infinity Dress

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Whatever you choose for your Bridesmaids to wear at your wedding, we support you doing what’s right for you, the Bride or Groom to be. Wedding planning can be a minefield, and we often care a lot about ‘getting it right’. Our recommendation is to do your planning, use open communication, and let the rest work itself out! Good luck with getting those gorgeous Bridesmaids dresses sorted out. If you haven’t yet booked live music for your wedding day, consider our Yarra Valley Acoustic Duo. With music across a range of genres, from rock, to pop, country, R&B and soul, we really do have a song for everyone! We love our 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and modern hits! Speak to Lexi Ross from Melbourne’s best wedding and function band, and book yourself the best Yarra Valley Acoustic Duo.


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